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Blastafary is da' best

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Name: Blastafary (Bruno IRL)



Location: Coimbra, Portugal



Interests: Gaming, music, basketball!








Been roleplaying since the age of 11, started in vG where I was a complete noob, barely knew how to speak English, after vG went down I joined another community where I also learned alot, stopped playing MTA for over an year and... HERE I AM AGAIN.


I am 16 at the moment, I used to play basketball, played it for over 8 years, when I was finally invited to train with the national team I had to quit because one family member was diagnosed with cancer, they had to move closer to the capital and that's it.


One year later after leaving basketball I can't find anything else that excites me like it did, so now I play videogames.


I am studying Sciences on my school, I intend to be a computer scientists (or nerd, whatever you like). OR... I also wanted to try the Air Force, I have always been intrigued how planes work, especially military, and I have been thinking about it alot lately... So, yeah...


Still, I am not sure but I am leaning on the second option, if I choose the computer scientist it will be hell on earth for me, because I hate mathematics... Help me decide?


I am the type of guy that likes to help other people, so...



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I have got a friend who is thinking on follow the Air Force too. He told me that he'd firstly follow a course which can give him equivalency to the Air Force. Honestly, I'd recommend you to follow the Air Force, as I heard that they offer money to you while you're taking the course ;)#PortugueseSquad

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