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Name: CatAge: 20Location: Yorkshire, UK.About me: I'm Cat/Abso.The name Absolution (my ingame name) comes from a My Ruin song... And I just like the word "Absolution"... My forum name- MissAnachronism was conjured up when I was listening to a Dresden Dolls song named "Girl Anachronism" for my love of old wordly things and sometimes I feel like I don't quite belong in this time period, which is quite hypocritical of me seems as I'm sitting at a computer right now. Anyhow, I'm obsessed with art... My favorite artists are Mark Ryden, Bryan Froud & various hand-made doll makers from around the world, I also love renaissance art. I myself have done quite a bit of abstract/surreal artwork and I'm currently in the midst of making ball-jointed dolls. I enjoy roleplay and character development... Which is a good job really isn't it?I first started roleplaying on United Gaming in which my friend [MENTION=6813]GentleFart[/MENTION] had found and introduced into our friend group, it took me a long time to get the hang of and I won't lie to you readers and say I was an angel throughout United Gaming and even Owl... But I have gladly changed my ways and my love of roleplay hath conquered such silly actions. Here's a gif of me performing an action from GTA V known as "Docks" [MENTION=133]Toast[/MENTION] requested. Enjoy.


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