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Impound Report - 17659 - 2008 Kawasaki Ninja ZX14R

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abHhVUb.pngSAN ANDREAS HIGHWAY PATROLPublic Impound Notification - Trooper's Impound ReportrptCTyX.png

OFFICER DATA(1.1) Peace Officer First Initial: E.(1.2) Peace Officer Last Name: Young(1.3) Peace Officer Badge: #075(1.4) Peace Officer Rank: Sergeant(1.5) Peace Officer Primary Division: PatrolIMPOUNDED VEHICLE DATA(2.1) Vehicle Year: 2008(2.2) Vehicle Make: Kawasaki(2.3) Vehicle Model: Ninja ZX14R(2.4) Vehicle VIN: 17659(2.5) Vehicle Plate: MX1 4728(2.6) Date Impounded: 5.05.2015(2.7) Length Impounded: 7 days(2.8) Impounded Reason: TF001(2.9) Location vehicle collected from: East Beach

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Vehicle must be immediately retrieved. Failure to do so will lead to its seizure on the 23rd of May, 2015.

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