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Axel Faye

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Name: Axel Faye

beard-styles-for-bald-heads-photos.jpg[TABLE=class: wiki-content-table]21-2-1980[/TD][/TABLE]

Background ((Kept it short, only ment to give you guys a view on how Axel has become who he's now.))Axel was the regular kind of kid who grew up in Los santos. He went to school, looked at the hot teachers and students, tried smoking weed and had a lot of different girlfriends who he dumped after a month or two - The standard kid in Los Santos. Axel's parents paid the fee for medical school which forced him to either go to medical school or get kicked out of the house without a job so he decided to do his best which has led to him graduating from medical school. He left the house permanently after graduation as he was grown sick of his fanatic parents, looking for a well paying job.After all the schooling and studying Axel went out to look a job to create a living for himself. He found a job at a local clinic down in Willowfield where he worked as a regular medical doctor handling all the regular stuff; Testing people on STDs, giving people perscription medicine for their "bad cough" and helping the real doctors cut into people whenever they performed surgery. After the doctors had shaped Axel to a "perfect" doctor he was permitted to perform surgery.By the time Axel was a proper surgeon he met a girl called Emma who he actually liked for who she was. Emma and Axel started dating and soon after they got intimate, only nine months after they met Emma was pregnant of Jackson, Axel's son. When Jackson was born Emma went downhill, Axel had to work all the time and Emma caught to much stress. Trying to get rid of the stress Emma decided to use crack - Something Axel did not accept. Axel threw Emma out of the house and he put her on a plane to the East Coast, away from his kid. Now Axel had to get babysitters to watch his kid, something he wasn't to fond of either.Axel was in the middle of surgery when a doctor slapped Axel on the back as a nice gesture, Axel who was handling a scalpel at that time slipped with his scalpel and rushed trough the man's stomach, causing him to bleed out. Axel who was horrified by the sight of the dying man suddenly had a switch in his head - He turned insane! He grabbed the scalpel and rushed it inside the other doctor's stomach before thrusting the scalpel inside of his own leg, dropping himself to the floor pretending the other doctor first murdered the patient and then tried to murder Axel. The doctor soon bled out and Axel's charges were dropped because of "self-defence" but the clinic had to save it's name and so they fired Axel. Now beign a jobless man Axel roams the street on his Harley looking for love and a decent wage to keep him and his son fed but he hasn't forgotten the day where he murdered two innocent men, that nightmare will hunt him for the rest of his life...DescriptionAxel is a slender man. He's not muscular but due to his low fat percentage you'd be able to see some muscles. He is usually dressed rather casual wearing mostly a T-shirt and a pair of jeans. He has a bald head with a slender form making it appear thicker with his well-kept beard. His face has a rather friendly expression with his bright blue eyes sparkling beneath his thick brown eyebrows and his pale lips shimmering trough the dense beard.PersonalityAxel is rather silent and held back but he'll get provoked rather easilly. Sometimes he tries to prevent comfrontation but his attempts usually lead to even more anger, turning him rather insane and merciless. His attempts to stay in the background and the aggression problems might give the impression that he suffers some kind of autism. When he knows you better he'll be alot more chatty and friendly. Axel is a real friend's friend, he always sticks up for his friends, going trough hell just to see them smile. These personality traits developed after the accident.RelationshipsFamily[TABLE=class: wiki-content-table]

[/TABLE]Friends[TABLE=class: wiki-content-table][/TABLE]Skills & Traits+ Axel is a good doctor.+ Axel is decent at streetfighting.- Axel is regretful, always feeling bad for the bad decisions and things he did in his life.- Axel never thinks of his actions before it's to late.- Axel may sometimes be a little to aggressive. Character theme

Journal ((These are spoken into a voice recorder by Axel, do not metagame whatever he says here.))4-5-2015

What the actual fuck... This fuckin' ass-wipe came up to me on his Harley sayin' I had to wear a leather jacket because I drove a Harley myself. He had some fuckin' balls and I was only a inch away from swingin' my bat at his fuckin' helmet, "Not many bikers, bla-bla-BLAH!".I've also tried lookin' for friends but most people in this town are either rich assholes drivin' ugly sports cars or sixteen year old gangbangers who all don't seem to have parents. I'll take a nap for now, check tomorrow for some decent people.


I had a good day for once... I found a fuckin' job and I've beaten a fucking pedo who was taking pictures of underaged children. I've also won a clinic at auction not so long ago but I still have no idea what to do with it or with the organs I found in one of the coolers so I guess the cleaners have done a shitty job cleaning out the coolers... Hopefully they did properly clean the rest or I will have a /LOT/ of shit to do. Goin' to take a nap now, see what'll happen when I go out tomorrow.

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