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King - Dreams

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*If you search youtube with several key words, like: rap, hip hop, underground and other similar type words, you might stumble upon a video, with no custom thumbnail, but only a man in front of a microphone in a room with a dark brown couch in the back, with a wooden table with a laptop and an MCS connected with several wires laying on the ground and table**If you click on this particular video, the video starts with a caucasian man walking close to the microphone, the shot is a bit angled as his full face isn't clearly visible, but his side is visible more clearly**The man, some might recognize him as Steven King, is wearing a red snapback hat with a crown on the cap, he has an unkept scruff beard on his face and his hair is clearly short and also has a shirt with a crown on it and inside it there is a word "Be a King!", he then clears his throat and the sound can be heard as the microphone picked it up and the beat starts*

*King starts to bop his head to the beat. He licks his lips just a bit right before he start*

[Verse 1 - 0:11]To the top, the place where we all reach,Even if there's a huge brick wall we must breach,If we must teach ourselves the skill of speech,Or the way of thinkin' or simply use power,Just never give up, as one day you'll stand tall as a tower,Or blossom, like a flower,You don't know if it might happen in an hour,Or a year, with a drop of sweat, blood and tear,You'll have to overcome every single fear,But once everything's done, the road will be clear!Just take the wheel on the road and steer,Keep movin' forward, switch into high gear,Leave the history in the rear,Because you should become what you want to be,And one day you'll reach that dream, you'll see!And then when you finally reach it,Everyone you love will come with you and cheer!And have a nice, cold beer! Yeaaaah...[Hook]So keep on climbing, though the ground might shake,Just keep on reaching, though the limb might brake,We've come this far, don't you be scared now,'Cause you can learn to fly![Verse 2]If you climb high, don't look down,Never be afraid, just live in the now,Because if you fall, you could learn how to fly,And then move up faster and move up high,If there are people putting up roadblocks,Fly over 'em, like the hawks,Don't listen to those who talk,As you don't waste time on that, you just walk,And don't waste time on opportunities you can unlock!Never leave a place with a frown, but with a smile,Then you'll go an extra mile,Life just gives you a trial,To test out your new style,If you can perfectly fit your life, like a tile,If you have everything organized and you're ready,Ready for your dreams, but you've been ready for 10 years already!Shoot towards the sky, because that's not even your limit.So just steady, wait and start![Hook - x2]So keep on climbing, though the ground might shake,Just keep on reaching, though the limb might brake,We've come this far, don't you be scared now,'Cause you can learn to fly!

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Username: BigMurphComment: you mus be gay fo dat nigg or some, all yall niggas post on youtube is the same shit. #UneducatedFools
Username: YoungSpookz Password: dat nigga thought he was bout that life acting gangster on the mic then got dropped lmaoooo
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