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Backroom office - $10 donator pack payment

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Hey I'd like someone to map a backroom office for my betting store. I've drawn a rough sketch as a plan but feel free to add some stuff as well, maybe some Italian flags on the wall or a fridge etc.As it is a backroom for a bookies I don't want it to look high-class like a business office, make it look a little dingy and scruffy. Also I'm not sure how the clickable chair script works but if you could make them like that, that would be great if not please leave enough room for people to be able to jump on the chairs and have enough room to do a /sit animOffering a $10 donator pack for the best one. Here's the basic floorplan


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I like it. I've never done an upload before though, how do I get this into the game? [MENTION=1634]Corleon[/MENTION]
Once you have the file on your computer, just go through the UCP. I can help you out later.
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