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Eliyah Wallace (Papa Glock)

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3rf7CSX.pngFullname: Eliyah WallaceBirthdate: 3 November 1992Birth Place: Los Santos All Saints HospitalEliyah grew up around Willowfield, Los Santos. As a kid he was always around on the Willowfield and Ganton area. His father was in a small blood set in his area, and his mother was a borderline alcoholic working shifts at a cafe. Growing up Eliyah was quickly nicknamed Eli, he grew close with the other kids around Willowfield. Eli's closest friend was known as Shorty, her father being in the same set as Eli's. After an unknown situation around the Willowfield area both Eli's and Shortys fathers disappeared. Immediately after that their mothers rushed them off at the age of fifteen. Eli and Shorty arrive back in Los Santos being drawn back to where they grew up they soon become mixed with some of the neighbourhood gangs and blood affiliates. Eliyah spent a lot of his time in a prison cell, he met numerous "associates" and even begun his music career as "Papa Glock" before being released in early 2015. ifWqSMb.pngAs Eliyah grew his operations upon release, he remained quiet and collective. As he clearly portrayed his blood lifestyle in his music. He quickly caught the attention of rival small crip sets, causing his promoters and manager to force him on a short vacation. fk6nNTN.pngEliyah was well known in his area, but not for the right reasons. People saw him as "un-predictable", and almost a liability from his careless attitude. One thing kept Eliyah deep behind the Crenshaw curtain, which was his loyalty and honesty. As time goes on Eliyah works alongside his Manager Marquise Halloway and is still producing music. Marquise is trying his best to keep young Eliyah out of an early grave or a jail cell. fWZ83FZ.pngEliyah is now known to be calling shots and influencing new blood sets appearing around Los Santos. As Eliyah now spends his free time in the studio, recording for Markuiz Trapology Records. Rumour has it that Eliyah is well known across various gangs and has various high up contacts. I1C04eA.pngTo this day Eli aka Papa Glock is flooding the city with blood music, blood lifestyle, and opportunities for up and coming gangs.
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