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Apparently I'm An Asshole?

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To be honest? I actually sort of knew that I had that sense of being an asshole to people, I've really shown it haven't I? I've got tons of jails over it, even bans y'know.."Oh yeah, let's go bug abuse and steal someones car they actually worked hard for with RP and cash."For fuck sakes, where has my account and the name "S1Dead" gone to? Fuck me. To clear all of this up I've been told countless times to watch my attitude and I still haven't, people are speaking to me like this."Holy fuck, this kid is such a fuckin' retard, ain't' he?"Uhm-.. Yeah, sort of. I'd like to turn over a new leaf, especially you admins, I've spoken to you guys with such hate over the past month I've come back to the server. I'm going to get some of this shit off of my chest and see what everyone thinks about me.. Let's start off with someone I don't really get along with.


[MENTION=1737]Franco[/MENTION] Whaddup' buddy? I've burned a lot of bridges, lets say you've made 3000 and I've burned about 2999, I'm hoping I can (METAPHORICALLY) help you build back the ones that I've made you lose, plus some more.I've been taking a long look at my admin history and I've pissed this guy off so much it's not even funny. I bet ya' he's tired of it and so am I, Franco has had countless times in order to ban me he could've if he wanted to, he should've because I should've learned my lesson that day. If you think this is something just to say "HEY I WANT ATTENTION LOOKIE HERE." It's not because I couldn't really give two flying fucks as of right now.sorry but its the truth.. This guy [MENTION=1737]Franco[/MENTION] has tried to help me so many times and I just kept getting frustrated, he even did things so that I didn't keep opening my mouth, but I still did [MENTION=1737]Franco[/MENTION], I'm sorry, this is my literal apology for being an ASSHOLE to you. I hope we can become a friend after this, probably not because im such an ASSHOLE to everyone so I'll probably break that too. (Trying really hard though :D)


[MENTION=14527]MindScape00[/MENTION] Remember me? If you guys didn't already know, when I came back to Owlgaming I was still banned from the TeamSpeak and I had hopes of join PD or HP, this man [MENTION=14527]MindScape00[/MENTION] found a way to unban me because everyone has been having a tough time, I started hanging out with my friends that had a bad influence on me. They thought really bad about this fine young man (Older than me) and that's why I started to hate him. Personally I didn't even know him and I thought he was pretty cool, earlier we made up but he is one of the people that I've pissed off because of my own stupidity. [MENTION=14527]MindScape00[/MENTION] Hey man, I'm really sorry about what happened, even know we are "OKAY", I'm telling you from this point we're going to be "Tight" as the cool black people say it, sorry for being an ASSHOLEto you.


[MENTION=1107]Humour[/MENTION], Oh my-. Don't even get me started with this guy, I've been roleplaying for a couple of years now (4-5), and I send out a report to burn down some building, the usually shit (This is quite recent too) and he says what's your reason, I give him background storeys of my character and he actually gets another admin involved [MENTION=16]Pogis[/MENTION], Pogis is a great admin that was only there to help and I went up to him and basically said that he was one of the worst admins ever, I'd give him a big title but I'm not an ASSHOLE to him much. Alright, back to Humour, as I said all he was trying to help and he said My reason was not sufficient and I started go ballistic because in my head 'IT MADE SENSE" I look back to it now, not one fuckin' word of it makes sense. So I'm going to say it flat our right now [MENTION=1107]Humour[/MENTION] I'm sorry for being an ASSHOLE towards you when you're trying to help me progress through roleplay.


[MENTION=254]Destroyed[/MENTION], Hey buddy, Lets talk about Mr. NICHOLAS GIORDANO-.. Or Destroyed as other people might call him, this kid (Same age as me) is a great RP'er, I'd like to think he's the same as me but our historys are really different, his is clean and mine isn't HAH! Alright, but basically my ban for bug abusing was me and him doing this glitch. I told him to do it with me, I didn't (FORCE) him, but I did everything so that he'd do it with me and I got [MENTION=254]Destroyed[/MENTION] banned permanently, luckily I told an admin that it was all me and he was just some accomplice that didn't do anything, which he really didn't... Mr. [MENTION=254]Destroyed[/MENTION], again I'm sorry for getting you banned, sorry for being an ASSHOLESo-.. That's about it. I know I'm an asshole to about everyone but I'm only going to be putting the people here that actually didn't deserve it.. I'm sorry to everyone that was in this list and I'm going to reflect on this post and try to keep it from happening. [MENTION=1737]Franco[/MENTION] [MENTION=14527]MindScape00[/MENTION] [MENTION=1107]Humour[/MENTION] [MENTION=1782]Destroyer[/MENTION] <--- Sorry again.Oh and [MENTION=16]Pogis[/MENTION] this should be you.


Hopefully you'll get some use out of that, you'd probably make a better one though, BUT ITS THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTSMESSAGE TO EVERYONE!Sorry for being the ASSHOLE of OG:RP hopefully I can get rid of this Prefix and hand it over to someone else. @Illestraqi Please take it away??!?!? LOL

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I'm sure you don't hold the title for the "Asshole of OwlGaming", but that's your choice to insult yourself! :P
Maybe-.. But hey, I just want to be a part of this community, I don't want things holding me back like; "This kid sucks dick" - "This kid sucks at Roleplay"I appreciate it, thanks :D
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Lmao. Kayden, S1!! I thought you were a total ass when MindScape, Lauren, and I were in a channel and you came in with your description and shit. #ButYou'rePrettyCoolM8
I know I've done these bad things, (DUHH) I don't want us (@MindScape00) to have bad blood, overall he is a pretty cool dude.
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Guest CurtGreenEyes

[ATTACH=CONFIG]317[/ATTACH]Same shit happened with me, I was a fucking idiot who use to get banned 24/7 for OOC insults towards members and admins, I can assure you I was a lot bigger dick then you was, so you ain't the baddest one. I ain't proud of it by the way, actually embarrassed to have a /history like mine, I use to say the same shit all the time "Go fuck your mother" stuff like that, I turned a new leaf a month ago and haven't had one mark against my /history yet...

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