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Update, May 2015

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Supporter Team Update

Hi,This months voting was a bit different and slightly difficult due to the sheer fact we could only pick five supporters out of the many applications made. Almost after a week of GAT voting very carefully upon all applications, and UAT also deciding very carefully on final decisions, we have come to a conclusion. If you didn't make it this month, don't let it demoralize you, we still look forward to seeing your applications next batch! With that being said, here is this months very small support team update!All in-game and forum perks will be set as soon as possible.




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Guest Ariana

[MENTION=16379]Skippy[/MENTION] well deserved. You too [MENTION=59926]RCFIZPRO[/MENTION] always helped me with VCT stuff now you can help me with normal stuff too >:)

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Sweet!Sorry [MENTION=1768]maracha2[/MENTION] :(
Yup.. I doubt I'll ever be accepted after what I've done in the past.Congratulations anyways to the accepted ones.
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[MENTION=16649]Unkle[/MENTION] [MENTION=16379]Skippy[/MENTION] [MENTION=59926]RCFIZPRO[/MENTION] very deservedCongratz everybody! [MENTION=1768]maracha2[/MENTION] :(
Maybe next time bud'.
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