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793 Young Ganton Bloods

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PDMmmy8.png793 Young Ganton Bloods are a young African-American set located in the eastern part of Los Santos, San Andreas.The gang is widely known for its rivalry with the Crips. 793 Young Ganton Bloods strictly bang (go to war) to defend their territory (hood, turf, block, building, house, park, etc), and are known to be very vicious in their attacks towards enemy trespassers; often murdering them on sight. The gang does not let any person or business make any type of money whatsoever in their hoods unless they are part of or owned by the set that controls the hood or are paying a hood tax of at least $50 per day to a set member. Other ways the young gang makes money by selling drugs, selling guns, taxing drug dealers, prostitution, loan sharking and providing security services for paying clients. sTkeN6z.jpgIdentificationThe most common identifiers for Blood members include colors, clothing, symbols, jewelry, tattoos, and graffiti.Red is the most commonly associated color of the bloods. They typically create graffiti depicting the upside down symbols of rival gangs.A common Bloods symbol is a five-pointed star or a varying representation of the number five. Gang members often craft their own personal necklaces made from red beads. Photographs of common identifiers of the Bloods are shown below IbBC4o6.jpgMembersqSCXWYi.jpgName: Marcus FeltonAge: 16Nickname(s): Marc


Commited his first murder at the age of 16, on a party at Skate Park protecting his best friend Ivy.Born in San Fierro hospital, living in an apartment there for ten years. He moved to Los Santos with his mother buying a house at Grove Street (Part of Ganton), he is good at skateboarding and climbing on buildings. Marcus so far has a very short temper and it's really easy to get him mad.2EOmYnX.jpgName: Ivory TreyAge: 16Nickname(s): IvyCommitted his first murder at the age of 16, after robbing a woman.Ivory ran away from his parents at the age of 16, after a long 8 years of abuse, which went unnoticed. Ivory gathered his stuff, stole some money from his parents and took a plane straight to Los Santos.On arrival, Ivory met his best friend, Marc, and Ivory went by the nickname: Ivy. Soon as they met each other, Ivy showed Marc the rooftops, the lifestyle he had been in for 5 years in his hometown, and Marc showed him the 'gangster' lifestyle, living on the streets and trying to earn money from selling drugs and robbing people.Ivory learned of robberies and drugs by simply living on the streets, meeting more people, and soon after, learned of guns and murder. Ivory committed his first murder at the age of 16, in the Los Santos skatepark, while robbing a woman. Ivory, at first, was devastated. Had to rethink his actions for at least a week, had to live with a mask on, a ghost walking around in the city.Now Marc and Ivory plan to assemble a gang, involving themselves in gang violence, drug production and trafficking and robbery.d5KiVV8.jpgName: DeShawn MasonNickname(S): ShawnAge: 22Commited his first murder at the age of 14, pulling a trigger on his father.His name is DeShawn Mason. He was born at Sept. 20th, 1993 in Los Santos. Since he was 11 years old, he canceled school and run away away from home. So he started doing little illegal jobs and rob people with some other black people.3 Years later he was 14 when he became bigger in the criminal activities. He started dealing with drugs and guns 5 years long.8 Years later now he is 22 years old and he found a set he would like to be inside of it.Because his friend Marc is a good friend of him, he stored him inside his set.Character Kill (CK) Clause.

Upon affiliating with this faction, you're accepting the CK clause. This means, if at any time the faction leaders feel you should be CK'ed, it will be done. FMT rules will also act against you to prevent you joining the faction after the CK.

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Cool, first time I'll see Ganton repped by bloods. I'm currently rping a Crip from an old Ganton crip faction. GL lads.
https://forums.owlgaming.net/showthread.php?40736-Rollin-20s-Mobbganghttps://forums.owlgaming.net/showthread.php?36940-078-Garden-Hittaz-GangThere've been a lot of blood gangs in ganton, but I hope he takes this blood clique far :)
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Go beyond my expectations

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