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[unfiltered] da darrow to lead appeal of controversial case

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by MELVIN BYRDLOS SANTOS - Stuart Darrow esq. who currently holds the position of District Attorney within the Superior Court of San Andreas had made it into the annals of judiciary history by being the first district attorney to ever file an appeal in favor of a citizen of the state rather than to defend his case from one.The case in question is the highly controversial People v Monroe in which the last mentioned Neil Monroe, a former Highway Patrol trooper and then ADA within the judiciary was sentenced to life in prison for a bizarre event in the LV freeway in which Monroe proceeded to stop his vehicle by the toll booths and fire a series of rounds into it before being arrested by the Highway Patrol who accused him of domestic terrorism and of intentional chaotic conduct.Darrow and the defendant think otherwise and claim that the defendant was the victim of an accidental discharge and justify the fact with the extensive firearms training and experience from his LEO days also the fact that the said was holder of a Tier I license compatible with the weapon he was currently carrying.Sources within the judiciary tell us that the appeal has been currently filed and is awaiting distribution and assignment: both ADA Darrow and his former partner and now client were unable to comment on the situation at the time.

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