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Wallace Reeves

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BackgroundWallace Reeves was born in 1990 in Los Santos General Hospital. His mother Angela Reeves took care of Wallace herself due to his father splitting up with Angela before she found out she was pregnant. Angela raised Wallace up on Liverpool street in Ganton. His mother continuously tried to shelter Wallace from the streets and gang lifes of their local area. Ganton and surrounding arreas in early 2000 was filled with colours, crips and bloods being the only influence on the youth. Wallace spent most of his days in his home or at his uncles, he would work on his garden for him and other odd jobs. Wallace's uncle was well known in the marijuana business but nobody knows if Wallace was exposed to this. Although Wallace's mother Angela was suspicious that Wallace smoked weed. As Wallace grew up to around the age of 17 and became aware of his surroundings, and the need for money, he quickly became using the time he spent alone. Wallace used the internet and growing manuals to teach himself the ins and outs of plant biology. Once Wallace became confident he invested in a small growing setup. Wallace set up his cupboard in his mothers house and began to grow the one of the most profitable plant knowledge can produce, marijuana. After his first couple of batches Wallace took a sample to his friends who quickly approved of it and began to provoke Wallace to advance. This pulled Wallace into the streets as he was growing money in his cupboard. Quickly the world his mother sheltered him from began to consume him. Rumour has it Wallace is well known with in the blood community of Los Santos. Although for a short period Wallace's uncle Tyrone was known for growing the strongest hydroponic weed in the state. Rumour also has it Tyrone had a helping hand back in his "garden".After another couple of years Los Santos see's an outburst of the finest quality grown hydroponics money can buy. Wallace is still somewhere in the city unknown. But his traits of growing knowledge linger around the streets of Los Santos.RelationshipsFamily[TABLE=class: wiki-content-table]

[/TABLE] props to Reefer for story

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