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LSN | Preparing for the Mean Streets

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5/3/2015 By: Aiden Windfield

Robberies and muggings are becoming more common around Los Santos. It may seem petty, but it's definitely no joke as I have personally experienced this myself. These experiences are terrifying since the suspects often weild guns and knives, threatning their victims into giving their personal belongings.These are traumatic experiences that can be avoided, so I made a blog on how to avoid being a victim yourself. Here are some of the tips that you should know to prevent these events from happening:Bring as little amount of money as possible. Money is the first thing that robbers will want. If you bring the least amount of cash, you won't lose anything significant. About $200 (or less) is enough to fulfill your daily needs like for food and if you really want to bring a significant sum of cash, I suggest putting it in your sock or any hidden place.Be vigilant. Always look around for anyone who might be following you or stay away from suspicious-looking people. Being observant is critical to safety. If someone is following you, go to the nearest police station or well-lit areas equipped with CCTVs and alert the authority immediately.Equip yourself. I recommend buying a long-range pepper spray. It might only subdue the perp temporarily, but it's enough to escape from the ordeal. If you hold a gun license, a pistol is enough, but most likely the perp will be packing weapons themselves and will render you helpless. Also, self-defense classes can be very helpful so you can protect yourself in times of danger.Dress and look smart. Thieves target those who have pricey/flashy jewelry or cars and those who look clueless (e.g. tourists) or aren't familiar of their location. Dress decent enough and make sure you have knowledge of your location.Stay away from high-crime areas. To know the areas to avoid, I outlined a map on potential hotspots:

YxFZMW9.jpgAnywhere in Los Santos is also considered dangerous, so be vigilant.

Do not trust anyone immediately. Do not let anyone in your car just because they need a ride. Do not stop/walk on isolated roads. Do not (go with/stop for) anyone for no reason. Only let a trustworthy friend know where you're going. If you're going to do business with a stranger such as buying or selling, police stations are the best locations for meet-ups.In a world of freedom, poverty and greed, crime cannot be avoided. Anyone can take advantage of anyone, so please take these tips that I have researched that may be of help in your daily lives. If I missed anything, please let everyone know in the comments!

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*Kevin reads through the whole article, at the end he mutters several words to himself;Kevin: Heh, he didn't include Temple in his sketch... like we ain' no gangsters, let's see him cruisin' around without gettin' robbed.

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