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Johnny Parks ((johnnyloco))

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[h=2]Johnny Parks ((johnnyloco))[/h]

What is your account name?
What is your character name?
Johnny Loco
Time/Date of incident?
2015-05-03 03:20:02
What was the administrators name that reconned the CK?
Why do you feel your character should be Un-CK'ed? I should be unCK'ed since i am under 10hours, i was not aware of the situation, i was getting a ride with a friend and was only in the middle of it, wrong place at the wrong time, i am a legal character, i was not apart of this CK at all.
Do you have any evidence that would deem the CK invalid? Three players, jayjay, Srbin who where involved would witness, no pictures just witnesses since my recording device on my pc was sadly off at the time (( due to not knowing this would happen ))
Please list how the CK was executed onto you? The CK was suppose to be executed onto my friend, but it was a drive by whist they where driving they shot as him and continued to shoot whilst driving hitting another two or three people.
Have you attempted to sort this Character Kill Appeal privately with the handling administrator/player that has executed the CK?
Yes i have, turned out the admin was aggressive and abusing his/her power, made me say something i do not say, which made me very angry.Look im sorry for the way i lost my cool at blueberry but i was extremely angry, i regret doing so.
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Guest Chase

It was denied, you can't keep trying to appeal it and expect to be appealed [MENTION=17119]johnnyloco[/MENTION]. You're not even using the format.

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