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BusterAces - Tasheka Hamilton (N/A)

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[mheader]Character Kill Appeal[/mheader]What is your account name?BusterAcesWhat is your character name?Tasheka HamiltonDate of incident2 May 2015Username of authorizing administrator@N/AWhy should the action be reversed?Well the samuel guy clearly bugged in the BMX, shot him with a entire AK clip, and he shoots me driving downhill backwards with one hand while being fed several AK bullets, this should've made the character fall off his bike and most likely die.Evidence that makes this character kill invalid

How was the character kill executedSimple gun fight.Have you attempted to resolve this already with the administrator?No
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For people that might go ''Hey you didn't rp the shots on your arm, all i have to say is, a few weeks ago a 16 year old was shot in the head, hand and was also stabbed in the back with a knife and he still ran and made it out alive and called the cops'' so two bullets wouldn't make me handicapped, as i've been shot twice in the gut with a deagle before ICly, so a pistol is a walk in the park. for any swedes here they can back me up on this story.Source: http://www.aftonbladet.se/nyheter/article20346496.ab

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