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Residential - 1 Park Avenue North, Glen Park.

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auction.pngResidentialEmeH3fS.jpgC1BmVKn.jpgx2ElVQn.jpgl8YKbqR.jpgliexaDS.jpgjICoNmk.jpgoQ6wnpa.jpgBidding Information:Starting Bid: $40,000Minimal Bid Increase: $1,000Buyout: $80,000Auction Ends:4 May 2015

Address:1 Park Avenue North, Glen Park.Description:2 Bedrooms, Kitchen with Dining Area, Living Room with large amount of seats, wonderful community (Able to place a gate ((just by contacting admins))).Private Bids: YesAuction Host Contact Information: P/N: 466-944Email: TylerStars@saonline.saBid Format

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Bids cannot be withdrawn, changed or edited after submitting.

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(Able to place a gate ((just by contacting admins))).
(( Sorry to inform you of this, but Admins no longer allow personal gates. Hence the original owner's gate is gone. ))
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