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Los Santos Tours & Travel

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1z52ddd.jpg1zbfa5z.jpgLos Santos Tours & Travel was founded late in 2014 by the two brothers Dan and James Quint.About six months before it was founded, the two brothers have recently moved in to Los Santos after living most of their lives in Las Venturas. They had some money saved up for moving out of their city. When they moved in, they were instantly taunted by the city of Los Santos and its life, and they became so enthusiastic about the fact that they're going to be living in it for the next years to come. That's when they started working hard to save up more money for this big "idea" that eventually hit them right after moving in to Los Santos and thus founding Los Santos Tours & Travel.2njyk60.jpgLos Santos Tours & Travel is an agency and supplier company that provides travel and tourism related services to the public. At Los Santos Tours & Travel we offer you a variety of pre-set tours/trips packages as well as custom tours/trips packages.Our prices for our customer customized-packages start from as low as $500 and depend on several factors which the customer chooses within each package. It also starts from $500 for our pre-set packages.Some of our current pre-set packages tours/trips include visiting destinations such as Mount Chilliad at Flint County and Angel Pine. Towns such as Palomino Creek, Montgomery, Dillimore and Blueberry at Red County. The lost pueblo at Tierra Robada and Bone County. And much more.Visiting these places include activities such as Skydiving, Off-roading, Camping, Sight-Seeing, Hiking, Cycling and more.To request for your custom tour/trip package, please fill out the form below and email us at our site (( PM @Junction on the forums )). Alternatively, you can call/SMS us at 100-600 and schedule a custom package at our headquarters.Custom packages form:

First name:Last name:Phone number:Address:Destinations to visit (( Check the spoiler below )):Activities: [ ]Skydiving - [ ]Off-roading - [ ]Camping - [ ]Hiking - [ ]Cycling [ ]flight tripPreferred date for the trip:Number of people per group:---You hereby accept LSTT's policies and agreements in which you follow instructions from tour/trip instructors and not be involved in any illegal activities during any tour/trip.Signature:

After submitting your form, we will review it and reply with how much your trip will cost you and agree on the final date in which the trip will be scheduled.Here are the destinations that you can choose from throughout San Andreas:


jD6gCM.jpgLos Santos is the largest city, both by population and area in San Andreas. It borders Red County to the north and Flint County to the west. Some of the main districts that resemble Los Santos are districts such as Santa Maria, Rodeo, East Beach, Ganton, Idlewood and Vinewood.otbPos.jpgSan Fierro is the smallest city in area and the second largest in population in San Andreas, situated on a peninsula in the western portion of the state. South of San Fierro lies the massive Mount Chilliad and the little town of Angel Pine in Whetstone. North of the city, across the Gant Bridge, lies the small town of Bayside. Northeast of the city lies the county of Tierra Robada. To the east is Panopticon, and to the southeast is Flint County.04cDSP.jpgLas Venturas is the second largest city in area and smallest in population in San Andreas, and like its counterpart, Las Venturas is located in a desert region. The city is also notable for its freeway system. The Julius Thruway is a freeway that circles the whole city. Freeways from both Los Santos and San Fierro intersect with it. Another major road is the Harry Gold Parkway, which runs through the middle of the city and intersects twice with the Julius Thruway and then leads to Los Santos (though it is not called the Harry Gold Parkway once it leaves the city).YacBj9.jpgRed County is a rural county located among forests consisting of primarily tall redwood trees and streams. 6Lg99h.jpgFlint County is an undeveloped rural part of San Andreas. There are no towns and only a couple of farms.SY3WIC.jpgWhetstone is located in the south-west corner of San Andreas, just south of San Fierro. The county is home to Mount Chilliad, the tallest mountain in the state at a half-mile (800 m) in height.IpTtln.jpgBone County features a military base (Air National Guard) located at its center. It boasts and oil field (Octane Springs), a quarry, and several unique natural features such as mesas.tiHPeo.jpgTierra Robada is a small, peninsular county north of San Fierro.V6Qy5Q.jpgD1waLX.jpgMount Chilliad is located in west Whetstone, San Andreas. It is the tallest mountain as well as the highest point in the state at a half-mile (800 m) in height. Immediately to the north is the bustling metropolis of San Fierro, while just to the south, at the mountain's base, is the small town of Angel Pine.NvOiel.jpgPalomino Creek is a town located in north east of Red County in the state of San Andreas. It is the largest settlement in the state outside of the major cities.(( More spots will be added soon ))


ZpU0602.jpg2006 Cessna Mustang, this plane is used for flights, it can fits six passengers inside.0lW7sd6.jpg2015 Bell 429 GlobalRanger, this helicopter is used for skydiving or for showing the city from upside, This helicopter can hold three passengers.kkGC8ea.jpg1961 Sikorsky SH-3 Sea king, This helicopter is used for skydiving, Can hold six passengers in the back.1Trdr6i.jpg2007 and 2008 Hummers, They are used for off-road trips which LSTT offer them to the passengers.

izlzia.jpgWe're located just one block north of All Saints Hospital and three blocks south-east of Vinewood Gas Station.28k38sw.jpg2rxd72q.jpg14mavzq.jpgWe're also located in Los Santos airport, behind FAA offices.hs9r2a.jpg James Quint - Founder & Head AdministratorCarter Evans - PilotGrace Giotto-Kingsfor- pilotJohan Dosselaar- Bus DriverDrew Hawkins - Assistance2nvxhu8.jpg -Via email or call/SMS at 100-600 -qdwBDM3.png

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