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The Motion Casino

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Details:The Casino is located at Rodeo, and comes with nine rooms! - Security Room- Backroom- Office, and a lot more, just check the gallery!Gallery (Interior pictures and view):


! Goverment Price: 250,000$


Private bids allowedStarting Bid: 170,000$Minimum Increase: 5000$Buyout: 200,000$ ( You get 165,000$ if you /sellproperty )Bid format: Please mark me when you bid.

Contact details:

Auction ends when sold.

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((Due to the recent conclusion that you're in jail for the rest of your life, I assume you can't sell this anymore?))
(( I am not in jail for the rest of "my" life, I am waiting for the court case, please inform yourself before spreading wrong and nonsense informations )) [MENTION=5298]Vin[/MENTION]
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((Sorry for the confusion, if any, but this document pertains to what I'm saying:http://puu.sh/hyHWU/9f843ad886.pngIf that is correct, it would be PGing to sell anything as of now.))
(( Even if I am under arrest, I am still able to trade with properties, and I am also able to sell properties. )) [MENTION=5298]Vin[/MENTION]
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