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Relaunch of our URL shortener!

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URL Shortener mta.link

Awhile ago we had a service called owl.pm which we used for shortening links to owl services for whatever use you may have. Today we are relaunching the service after [MENTION=146]cat[/MENTION] left OwlGaming as mta.linkThe site has been updated to use the correct links now and adds quick link for submitting new bug reports(mta.link/bug), findbook homepage(mta.link/fb), and findbook users(mta.link/fb/user_page).Let me know if you have any questions regarding this or you can suggest a new link type to be added via our script suggestion forum found at mta.link/fm/1.Special thanks to [MENTION=211]CourtezBoi[/MENTION] for allowing me to use of his domain for this.Biweekly Script UpdatesOn a side note we will be doing biweekly updates from now on(or at least doing our best to). It's the only way for our new update format I brought up last update to work since we need to actually be able to highlight a few things. Weekly updates would be to small to make note of, and for the most part we have already been doing biweekly updates.Kind regards,-OwlGaming Community-OwlGaming Scripting Team
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