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Baikal - Jewellery & Tobacco boutique store.

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2wnmu6b.jpgBaikal - Jewellery & Tobacco boutique storeEst. 2015

Baikal is a Jewellery & Tobacco boutique store founded on the sole principle of providing its' clientelle, as well as Los Santos with premium quality jewellery, Tobacco products and premium quality accessories for transporting and/or carrying the said products. Just as the Baikal is sought to be one of the clearest and oldest lakes in the world, our policy remains just as largely natural and transparent to our customers - providing only the best and natural materials at the most accessible prices.


The store thrives upon the ideals of providing quality handcrafted watches befitting the mechanical movement, whether the watch is of swiss, russian or italian origin. Several high craftsmanship manufacturers providing timepieces of Quartz Movement may also be found amongst the catalog. We also provide a large entity and variety of other accessories, whether your heart seems set on necklaces, pendants, earrings, rings, wedding bands, cuff links, wristwear, fragnances, sunglasses.Specific high value orders may require a downpayment up to 33 or 50 % of the item/order's value, depending on the exact value of the item and risk assessment of importing and transporting the said products to you.*


Contrary to popular belief, handcrafted timepieces and jewellery goes together with hand rolled cigars just as the Sun does with Moon. Though the health hazzards haven't decreased if you were to switch to cigars from cigarettes, the recieved product in return is completely natural, untainted by pesticides, gun powder, jet fuel and many other cautious additives that are used to accelerate the burning process of a cigarette. The end product recieved is an opulent, creamy, spicy or mellow taste and aroma mixture, adorn and accentuated by the cured tobacco leaves that bind the craftsmanship together.We offer a large variety of Dominican, Cuban and Latin American Cigars and any accessories that come with the said tobacco product, amongst those - Cigar cutters, ash trays, cigar humidors and pouches.

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TPG approves.

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