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LSN | Dealer Drug Bust

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Today in Idlewood, the Los Santos Police Department raided a dealer. When police arrived, the suspect tired to throw off them off by walking and pretending that nothing happened. It had not worked, as the LSPD quickly tazed the man. The dealer pretended to know nothing and they had gotten the wrong person. Due to cameras and other sources, we've heard that the dealer at the time of LSPD arrival wanted to sell small amounts of packets, which contained some amount of narcotics. Idlewood has always been known as a gang ridden area, and has been raided before along with other serious crimes. The suspect tonight sits in the LSPD questioning room.


Paul Foley is 25 years old male and finished his Bachelor's Degree in Electrical Engineer at Greenglass College. But fate has chosen the other path, which he dreamed as a kid. A man who is confident in his writing style, and sure that his pen is stronger than any weapon.

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