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LSN | Suspect who refused to cooperate with Police arrested

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A young man, wearing a black cap, white shirt and black pants was being arrested by an LSPD Bicycle unit, for aiding and abetting a suspect who the police is looking for hitting a homeless man with his vehicle and escaping, the suspect, after being proven to having a relation with the fugitive, has refused to reveal the fugitives identity. The suspect then quickly jumped into his vehicle and started evading the police, where then the police have stopped his vehicle, with the help of Highway Patrol unit, and then managed to arrest the suspect and send him to the Correctional Facility.

m1iFmkm.jpg?1** IMG of the suspect while being arrested by the LSPD and Highway Patrol.**

Steve Keller, a 30 years old Junior Journalist in the LSN who is starting his new career with the hope to be successful in it. (( [MENTION=3112]doo2doo2[/MENTION] ))

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