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LSN | A Child Beaten by a Masked Man

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Idlewood, Los Santos Leonard "Lenny" Stewart, 13, has been attacked by a man wearing a ski mask wielding a bat behind the old Idlewood Gas Station. The unknown attacker charged at the child with brute force towards the child's back area which took place at around 2:45 AM. The child seems to have been attacked before being helped up by LSN Journalist, Jordan McNauer, considering the bruise it sustained on the child's stomach. Upon getting up, the child was immediately attacked by the masked man, again, knocking him unconscious.Medical services and police were immediately alerted and arrived shortly after. Leonard was cared for his injuries at the area, but was taken to the hospital for his critical injuries. He suffered a broken nose and a few broken bones, then discharged a few hours later.The child was taken home, who lives with his parents, after the ordeal. It was found that his mother died just two days and his father missing. The child is currently being looked after by LSN Journalist, Jordan McNauer.It's not the first time this has happened in the high crime area, Idlewood. We advise it's better to stay away from the said area and go some place else or stay in your homes to prevent possible harm. Refrain from talking and/or going with people whom you do not know.

Aiden Windfield finished his Bacherlor's Degree in Business Administration at Greeglass College. He still pursued writing at Los Santos Network and likes to explore new horizons. He's a simple person trying to bring interesting articles and delivering news hot from the oven serving it to the people of Los Santos!
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NAME: HenleeCOMMENT: People these day's have to respect for children. I respect them, Some people don't. Poor child, Hope he's healthy now. About that man, Is he arrested or still walkin' 'round town?

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