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This was taken on my oldest brothers grad and we're holding my little brother who's arm is on my shoulder (Imma become a walking meme)




This was taken when there was a Samba Day in my little brothers school so I was forced to go as I was caught skipping classes and this was my punishment. (Ofc you'd find Leo The Pedo at a babies school)

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On 11/05/2016 at 1:56 PM, Lyricist said:

Back on the topic. @Wright

Only two daily choices. Also the only time I'm ever going to bother posting a pic on this thread.

  Reveal hidden contents



  Reveal hidden contents




*Imagines Lyricist before looking at pictures*


*Looks at pictures* 


<-< nothing to do with meh mind, you look way more like everyone than i thought <-<

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