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been a good 5 months, and even tho i have a scrappy relationship with gat i still love yall


stay safe and do erp

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Damn....My first experience with RP was in this server and it's so sad to see it go. But i'm happy for the stupid amount of funny, exciting, sad and many more experiences it gave me, along with some great friends <3. Thank you all for the dedication to the server, it was great while it lasted.

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I mean come on the run you guys gave it was better than probably most expected. There is nothing you could have done to avoid this. Most people have moved on and let's be honest you don't have the top twitch streamers playing on the server and bringing their audience with them. I admire the work that was put in from all of you @Chaos@Daniels@Courtez. It's now time to move on to greater pastures and perhaps we'll all meet again somewhere in the future. Clearly no goal is too big to achieve with dedication.

Fuck it. Do it again in GTA 6, it ain't over?!

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Good morning eh? 😅

OwlGaming has introduced me to various lessons in life and gave me friends for life. I'll always be grateful for that even once Owl completely fades to black and the door closes on the coffin. I'm sure I'll see several of you around on the Paradise community and if not I wish you all more then the best. 


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14 hours ago, Yannick said:

Well shite, now our code is in the public. @Jer 


Take care and GL with everything.


Doubt they would know, don’t see us mentioned anywhere lol.


Time to PR our names into the readme ;)



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added pr
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