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2202 Viet Boyz

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2202 Vietnamese Boyz is a predominantly Vietnamese-American street gang that was founded between the 1980s-1990s in Southern San Andreas, Los Santos. A notable community formed by it's Asian immigrant residents opened up new opportunities for Southeast Asians coming into the United States known as Little Seoul. This mass influx consequently led to the formation of some of Los Santos' most violent street gangs in history, including the 2202 Vietnamese Boyz or VBZ. Members of VBZ tote the 2202 label, V being the 22nd letter of the alphabet, B being the 2nd.


While some might be from one particular neighbourhood, Vietnamese street gangs are typically non-territorial. Instead of claiming one area for themselves, they often roam the streets looking to expand their opportunities at every turn possible. This also results in their graffiti and tags being strewn across Los Santos in various parts of the city.





VBZ is separated through various sets and cliques, one of them being the least defunct known as the Infant V Boyz. Members can range from as young as 14 years old, and are considered to be the youngest generation of the Vietnamese Boyz. As they don't fly any affiliations with Bloods or Crips, they usually adorn themselves with grey or black rags and clothing to demonstrate their affiliation as an independent gang. They are known to beef with many gangs in the areas they roll through, taking on the role of being EBK. The exceptions would be Asian Boyz and most Southeast Asian gangs in West Los Santos. They are however long-time rivals of Wah Ching and other Blood oriented groups and organizations.


While the ethnic make-up of the gang is predominantly Vietnamese, others from different Southeast Asian backgrounds are sometimes welcomed into their arms. For the most part however this is a rare occurrence.


OOC Information


This faction is heavily based on the real-life Vietnamese Boyz gang in Southern California. We are looking to portray an accurate and developed representation of a Vietnamese street gang primarily consisting of youth characters. If you're looking to be a part of the faction, it is recommended that you don't portray a FOB (Fresh off the boat) character and center your development around already being from the area. Your character should range from the ages of 14-18.


If you're looking for support or entrance into the faction and want to get started, consider joining the faction discord:



Any other inquiries, questions or concerns can be directed to @whippit via forum PMs.

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