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Gruppe 6 - Security Sector & CCTV Installations

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CCTV Installation Pricelist

$1,000 - Site survey to quote how many cameras, positioning, and services required. Not required if you know what you want already.


$1,000 - 1X 720p Camera (Nightvision)

$1,750 - 1X 1080p Camera (Motion sensor, nightvision, 2 Way audio)

$2,500 -1X 1080p Camera (Motion sensor, nightvision, Remote pan/tilt, 2 Way audio, WiFi enabled)


$100 - 1X Keyboard

$100 - 1X Mouse

$500 - 1X 14 inch flat screen monitor.

$1,100 - 1X 32 inch flat screen monitor.

$10,000 - 6X 21 inch monitors, mounting brackets and keyboard/mouse with control station included.


$4,550 - 1X DVR with support up to 8 camera connections

$7,250 - 1X DVR with support up to 32 camera connections with WiFi enabled.


$1,000 - 1X 500GB hardrive

$2,000 - 1X 1,500GB hardrive

$5,000 - 2X 3,000GB hardrive


$5,000 - Installation cost per 1 hour work. Includes all camera types, wired, wireless.

$1,000 - Repair / maintenance cost for 30 minutes work.


$25,000 - Monthly fee for remote monitoring with alerts to customers phone.

$50,000 - Monthly fee for remote monitoring with alerts to customers phone and patrol cars sent to investigate suspicious activities. 



To place an order, please visit www.gruppe6.com





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