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Application - Vidar Gundersen

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Employment Application

I.I - Title: Mr
I.II - Forename: Vidar
I.III - Middle Name:  Asbjorn
I.IV - Surname: Gundersen
I.V - Gender: [X] Male | [ ] Female | [ ] Non-binary
I.VI - Date of Birth: 1985/01/15
I.VII - Marital Status: [ ] Single | [ ] In a relationship | [ ] Married | [ ] Widowed | [X] Divorced
I.VIII - Are you a citizen of the United States?: [X] Yes | [ ] No
I.IX - Residential Address: Rancho, 1
I.X - Contact Information
I.X.I - Mobile Phone Number: 1621418885
I.X.II - E-mail: VidarGundersen@saonline.sa.com SECTION II - EDUCATIONAL RECORDSwhite
II.I - High School
II.I.I - School Name: Berg videregående skole
II.I.II - City, State: John Colletts allé 106, Oslo, Norway
II.II - Higher Education
II.II.I - University Name: N/A
II.II.II - City, State:
III.I - Do you have any past felonious convictions?: [ ] Yes | [X] No
III.I.I - If yes, elaborate: 
III.II - Do you have any past misdemeanour convictions?: [ ] Yes | [X] No
III.II.I - If yes, elaborate: 
III.III - Have you received a ticket within the last year (( 10 days ))?: [ ] Yes | [X] No
III.III.I - If yes, elaborate: 
III.IV - Are you currently subject to criminal trial and/or are a defendant of an ongoing court case?: [ ] Yes | [X] No SECTION IV - LICENSESwhite
IV.I - Automotive License: [X] Yes | [ ] No
IV.II - Heavy Driver's License: [X] Yes | [ ] No
IV.III - Motorbike License: [X] Yes | [ ] No
IV.IV - Boat License: [ ] Yes | [X] No
IV.V - Concealed Carry Weapon Licence (CCWP): [ ] Tier 1 | [ ] Tier 2 | [X] Neither SECTION V - PROFESSIONAL RECORDS

VI.I - Please list down all your previous and/or current employers below Add/remove as necessary

VI.II - Have you ever been employed by a towing company/agency before?: [ ] Yes | [X] No
VI.II.I - If yes, please indicate your previous towing company/agency:
VI.II.II - If you had worked for the Los Santos County Traffic Services previously, please indicate your former position:


(( IX.I - Account Name: Crimson  ))
(( IX.II - OwlGaming Forums Name: Crimson ))
(( IX.III - Is this your main character? [ ] Yes | [X] No ))
(( IX.IV - Unedited screenshot of all your characters  https://gyazo.com/145398bb02e3d7acbf8b1577185396c7Active, inactive and CK’ed))

(( IX.V - Geographic Location and Timezone: UTC+3 Riyadh KSA   ))
(( IX.VI - Age: 21  ))
(( IX.VII - Direct link to your admin record (https://owlgaming.net/v/history/): https://owlgaming.net/v/history/eyJ1c2VyX2lkIjoxMTc0NjB9:1lhiyR:JxZT1TqLHlxaDJb2AgFU0zmKYM8/ ))
(( IX.VIII - Unedited screenshot of your /stats: https://gyazo.com/fa4c6e3e5280b8491a0f7fb30c7fcf58
(( IX.IX - If you're reinstating with your alternative, mention your previous character name (if applicable):  ))
(( IX.X - OOC Notes (if applicable):  ))

I, NAME, certify that all the information I have provided on this application is true, thorough and complete to the best of my knowledge, and that I did not withhold or conceal any information that could be deemed important for evaluation purposes of my recruitment application, and that I have filled out this application fully on my own without any interference from a third party.

I hereby authorise the Los Santos County Traffic Services to conduct a thorough background check on myself which includes, but is not limited to, previous employers, criminal record, medical record as well as any inquiries that can assist the Los Santos County Traffic Services in evaluating this application.

By submitting this application, I understand and accept that I may be subject to denial for any reason deemed justified by the Los Santos County Traffic Services. I will not sue the Los Santos County Traffic Services for any of the aforementioned points.
X.I - I have read and thoroughly understand the above declaration, and hereby accept it: [X] Yes | [ ] No
X.II - Signature: V.G
X.III - Date: 5/15/2021



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To Mr Asbjorn,

We have evaluated your application and would like to invite you to an INTERVIEW.
Please e-mail me personally with a list of dates and times available to conduct your interview.


  • Please make sure to schedule the interview within seven (7) days. Failure to do so will result in application forfeiture.
  • If you've reached out to the Human Resources Team and failed to get a response, reply back to your application with proof and the period is going to be extended for 2-3 days accordingly. (( Screenshot of the forum PM sent to your interview handler. )).
  • Please ensure you bring with you a copy of your driver's license, as well as your heavy vehicle operator license, and drug test. Said test is to be conducted by Saint Ernest Medical Center. ((This is going to be passively RP'd. You're going to RP handing both items over to your Interviewer, and state whether you've passed the drug test or not )).

Sable Cullen

Los Santos County Traffic Services

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Mr Asbjorn,


The Los Santos County Traffic Services has come to a conclusion and has decided we will not be moving forward with the application process. Thank you for showing interest in LSCTS and we welcome you to apply again in the future if it is your wish to do so.


Sable Cullen

Los Santos County Traffic Services

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