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Community initiative - Vehicles

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Hello Owlgamers.

I've been thinking about this for a long time. We, as players, members of this fine community can do much more to "enrich" the server with the stuff that we do need.
Take this... As a small step to the right direction and so, I would like to announce yet unofficial but needed thread for vehicle suggestions that could be added on the server.

The rules are simple:
It has to be lore friendly vehicles (The best would be going for confirmed GTA universe manufacturers i.e Ubermacht, LCC, Vapid and so on and on)
Try and keep the size of said vehicle around 5-7 mb's (if possible)



Template for suggestion:
Screen: (one per suggestion should be good)

If you have any questions seek for me on the discord and we can talk it out o/

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@Moore recently shared a list with me of several vehicle mods that match these requirements. I'll let him share more. One additional requirement that might be worth considering in your post is the ability for those vehicles to be modified in the mod-shop like any other standard GTA vehicle. If the mod isn't modifiable it might not be a good fit for the new initiatives we have planned around vehicles.

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Hey! Thanks for your view! I've recently started working with Courtez on getting new vehicles on the server. All are modifiable! 

All though, some are even just your normal everyday cars. Plan on doing some more work behind doors soon! *Cough Cough, Bikes maybe cough cough*

Feel free to shoot me a Forum DM if you've got anything you feel would fit the server nicely!

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