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Weather / Better nights / Lighting

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It would be nice to have some variation in weather, I haven't seen it rain a single time in the past week, or storm, or extreme sun, its just the same pretty much 24/7.

Just seen another suggestion for the same thing. Looks like people agree.


This was taken at 8PM, cant see the headlights at all, the sky is still super bright. (It doesn't change much at 12AM either). It would be nice to have darker nights like the normal GTA. Seeing headlights, police lights, helicopter lights would just make things feel more real, rather than having it just go dull.





This is a picture from Single Player, with the standard night system at 9PM:





Lighting of faction vehicles, this is a video I found for RageMP, Its just a custom vehicle model I believe. I know stuff like this isn't priority, but it builds a much more realistic RP environment which just makes those small RP encounters that little bit more fun.



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