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[STATE] The People v. Jeremy Watson 4/1

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" Aside from focusing on the parking meter as two uniformed officers pointed their weapons at him, no, he did not resist arrest. Once he was done feeding the meter, he obeyed to our commands. "


(( @Zebulon @UnoDosTres @ThatGuy @Courtez ))

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"Your Honor,


Upon the conclusion of the cross-examination, the Prosecution motions to move this case to closing arguments unless the Defense plans on brining additional evidence to bare."


(( @UnoDosTres @ThatGuy ))

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"Your Honor,


For the duration of this case, the Prosecution has maintained and provided additional evidence to support the Prima Facie nature of the suit brought against the Defendant. The Defense, on the other hand, has failed to present any argument or evidence that suppresses or opposes the Prosecution's conclusion that Mister Jeremy Watson did indeed on March 31st, 2021, fail to yield for police officers, who were fulfilling their responsibilities within the bounds of their authority, and led said officers on a reckless evasion attempt while in operation of a motor vehicle.


Thankfully Mister Watson was taken into custody without incident or injury to any party, thus the Prosecution's recommendation that Mister Watson be released on time served. 


Nothing further to add Your Honor."


(( @UnoDosTres @ThatGuy @Courtez ))

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* Daniel Erikson adjusts his suit jacket and proceeds to walk down the stand and back to his seat in the spectator's gallery behind the Prosecution's side. *

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"Good Morning, Your Honor.


The defense would like to thank you, honorable judge, for allowing us to elaborate our side of the story regarding the case against Mr. Watson.


My client did not cause any damage to the individuals around him nor to state property in the dashcam footage. In addition, he showed exemplary professionalism while being detained and was brought in without any sort of incident.


Therefore, we agree with the prosecution that Mr. Jeremy Watson should be released on time served as soon as possible. "


(( @ItsMelodyy @Zebulon @ThatGuy@Courtez))

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Court of San Andreas, District of Los Santos


In the matter of The People vs Jeremy Watson


The court finds that;


The defendant is found guilty of;

  • § 309 - Failure to Yield to Emergency Vehicles

  • § 404 - Evading an Officer in a Vehicle

  • § 501 - Felony Reckless Evading

The defendant is found not guilty of;

  • § 406 - Reckless Driving
    • As a result of being a lesser included charge of Felony Reckless Evading.

-and hereby sentenced to pay a fine of $5,000 and be released on time served.


"It is so ordered"



(( @UnoDosTres @Zebulon @Courtez ))

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