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Match betting #1 - Betting tips from LS Gambling

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Betting tips from LS Gambling

Recently, LS Gambling has launched its new betting system, where you can bet on events to happen in the upcoming football matchups. The first two games you can bet on is Turkey vs Norway, and Portugal vs Serbia. Norway won their first game in the world cup qualifiers 3-0 against Gibraltar, and they're playing Turkey who surprisingly beat the group favorites Netherlands 4-2. Portugal won 1-0 in their first match after an own goal but got away with the three points at the end of the day. Serbia won their first game as well against Ireland 3-2, where Aleksandar Mitrovic scored two goals.


Erling Braut Håland to score 2 or more goals.

With Norway's new captain, Martin Ødegaard, the goal-scoring machine Erling Braut Håland, and their new manager Ståle Solbakken, they seemed unbeatable in their match against Gibraltar. They had multiple chances from the beginning of the match but failed to put it in the back of the net. Around 15 minutes into the second half, Solbakken decided to take off Håland and give Joshua King a chance as well, and the Norwegian goal machine ended up walking off the field with no goals. With his recent form for Dortmund, it's 100% possible for him to score two goals and it's something I'd definitely put my money on him to score 2 or more goals.

None of us wanted that, – V.G.


Martin Ødegaar to score.

During Norway's match on Wednesday against Gibraltar, Martin suffered an ankle injury and had to surrender to the manager after 40 minutes. Martin had a great match up till that point and with the odds on him to score, it's definitely worth it to put some money on him. The injury didn't look too bad and he might as well be able to play their match against Turkey.

Martin Odegaard injury update after Norway substitution


Bruno Fernandes to score.

Bruno didn't start in Portugal's first game, but was subbed on at halftime and played well. In the English Premier League Bruno has been exceptional for Manchester United, taking them up to a second-place behind Manchester City. The attacking midfielder from Portugal has the third-most assists in the premier league this season and has put many penalties in the back of the net, using his jumping technique before putting the ball ice-cold into the back of the net.

Bruno Fernandes the story of his career so far | Manchester United


Sergej Milinković-Savić to score.

Sergej has played very well for Serbia lately and scored a fantastic chip goal in extra time against Norway in the euro qualifiers last year. The central midfielder who currently plays for Lazio in Italy could definitely score in their upcoming match against Portugal if the manager decides to let him play.

Barcelona Pushing Hard to Make Late Swoop for Man Utd Target Sergej  Milinkovic-Savic | 90min


Written by Kasimu Dawood

CEO of LS Gambling.


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12 minutes ago, Valkyr said:

Name: AliS

Comment: Does your gambling organization also support betting for motorsports like Formula 1 and WRC?

Name: LS Gambling

Comment: Not as of right now, but I love the idea!

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