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[New Prop Pack] Mapping & how to use generics in game.

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Howdy folks,


We have a small prop pack added by one of the guys (( @Effect )) who has been focusing on creating custom objects for the server. In order for folks to use this prop pack for their own mapping you need to do is the exact same stated here for our other custom prop pack we currently have on the server. The guide linked also explains how to install Menyoo for those who haven't already! For those who have already installed Menyoo follow the below steps.



  1. Download the prop pack here
  2. Once you open the archive, you will see this  
  3. Goto your GTA V directory and open the menyooStuff folder.
  4. Open PropList.txt and paste the contents of this pastebin into it at the bottom of the list, save the file and close it.
  5. Click Edit Mode at the top right of OpenIV
  6. Startup OpenIV and head to your mods folder, follow this path mods>update.rpf >common > data | right click dlclist.xml and click edit.
  7.  Add         <Item>dlcpacks:/owlprops/</Item> at the end of the list, control S or click the exit button.
  8. Open up SoupsObjectMappingKit.rar and goto mods>update>x64>dlcpacks | Copy the folder owlprops from it and goto that same directory in your GTA V mods folder then paste that it in there. The directory should eventually be like this: mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\owlprops




Objects within this prop pack ((Copy and paste links, images were spamming the thread!)):


vikings_table - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/GTA5_5KmCukr2vM.jpg
Tut_flag - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_nZXzKoG5wh.png
Door_flag - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_mKXaUgTADA.png
Tut_flag2 - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_eoRkm7h5Yw.png
plaques_model - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_C20xMm3uYn.png
Mbn_dirtywoodfloor_mb4 - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_qRGZt7zcQ4.png
dirtydarktile_mb2 - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_sddX3BQIF0.png
dirtydarktile_mb3 - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_wEZUz3gi1l.png
flatroofq_mb4 - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_KyoXpcMzRX.png
mb_glasspane37 - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_vDfp1m8pxS.png
mbn_dirtywoodfloor_mb3 - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_Vw6BFTeZaY.png
mbn_orangetilefloor_mb3 - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_rmzGyLa4FU.png
mbn_shopfloor_mb2 -  https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_TaJ1AkSG9S.png
mbn_shopfloor_mb4 - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_8raaRRqYG0.png
roofageq_mb5 - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_EIhdY7kCTP.png
s1_wood1_mb2 - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_wrYn1tVgdH.png
woodeasd_i2x -  https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_ROjMBXjRWZ.png
woodeasdwall_i2x - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_lGbCKYOIxF.png
club_shelves - https://cdn.itsmelodyy.com/2021.03.24-20.51.20.png
titty_poster - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_jBMtqLJyin.png
tut_mirror - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_Lqa0shWKs6.png
tutorial_piano - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/GTA5_7lgpT3bGev.jpg
club_junk - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_rBQfLht4aG.png
club_junk2 -  https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_UphlYatJrO.png
soupwalltest - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_JARKake6dN.png
tut_poster -  https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_z5WoQ4e5nW.png
tutorial_bar - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_DbaAnUpaKU.png
tutorial_counter2 - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_LAH45hhfDU.png
titty_poster2 - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_JrZj8v7YYE.png
titty_poster3 - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_vu9I5iM8xU.png
tut_neon_b - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_XvR4fruK6r.png
tut_poster1 -  https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_R06Sb75jmu.png
tutorial_mural2 - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_9QpwMN7ROO.png
tutorial_mural3 - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_tck9n8v8TH.png
tut_neon - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_E1oAEwuWAI.png
tutorial_urinal  - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_BbiziLBNFn.png
tutorial_table - https://vubs.itsmelodyy.com/OpenIV_qB66AoHI9O.png



How to get these objects in game:


For those who don't know or haven't seen, we currently have a system in place for players to order generics from an in-game company to then use as they please for roleplay, whether its indoors or outdoors! Unlike our furniture system, generics can be placed in any interior/exterior and are able to be moved around using coordinates you can adjust with our UI. Any GTAV object can be ordered that is listed on this website as well as our custom prop packs stated in this guide! To find out more how to do this in character follow this link here.






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