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Grove Street Families

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"Grove. Aint no place like home."



Grove Street Families is one of the oldest gangs in the whole LS area, spanning back to as far as the 1960's, being an African-American gang formed in Grove Street, LS.

The gang itself was, in its origins, formed by a few African-Americans trying to make a quick buck, which evolved from making a quick buck to getting the whole street involved in all kind's of activities, ranging from illegal drug trade, rivalries, arms dealing, gambling, murder. 

The history of Grove is mostly unknown before the 1960's, as violent activity with rival gangs has taken the life of many of the OG starters of the gang. 

Things heated up starting in the 1980's, as a new rivaling gang named the Ballas started picking up heat. Bloody, intense wars commensed. 

In the 1990's, Grove started to lose influence, losing territories, with the emergence of a Mexican gang called the Vagos, which was well known for their heavy crack-cocaine influence throughout the territories. 



Present day

In the current day, Grove is a shadow of its former self. Effectively extinct, it made a quick resurgence, but due to the irrational and often reckless dealing of things, the former OGs and gang members all either got killed off, busted or just left town, anyone else left went about to do their own thing, steering away from Grove.

That is, until one guy decided it was time to bring back Grove, back to its glory days, but this time, not follow the reckless behaviour of the previous OG's, but rather, follow his own path, building slowly, carefully, creating influence with key players to gain respect, trust and connections.

Grove of the past, of intense violence, of mass blood, would be kept to an absolute minimum, rather emphasizing on smart, calculated moves to gain power over the area, thus creating a Grove that would one day rival even the biggest Underground organizations.


Common slang

Grove Street Families has always had their own slang, which has mostly stayed the same throughout the years.

OG, Original Gangster, someone who has put in the work, well respected member of the family, influential.

Fam, Family, a sign of respect, greeting

Busta, Buster, One who is a fake, a fraud, a coward.

Gang Green, the representing color of Grove, should be usually kept low-key, in the form of a cap, or a shirt. Painting of cars or vehicles to Gang Green generally isnt recommended, as shown in history, it makes one a very easy target.


(( OOC BIT ))

My main goal is to not go full guns blazing, rather focus on slow progression of the faction to create better, more detailed roleplay for the gang, and other underground factions to participate in.

CKing will be as usual with Illegal Factions, you may be CKd, for any reason, but emphasize on not CKing, or CKing others, longevity is what will create better conditions for roleplay, i cant stress that enough.

Respect, earn respect, and always respect the OG's, you are free to question decisions and suggest other ways of going about things, but generally, the OGs usually know what theire doing.

Use common sense when you assess situations, not every argument needs a gun to someone's face, not every fight needs someone being stabbed to death, we're here for the long run.

Discord for those interested in interacting/associating with the faction: https://discord.gg/eNsd3hvQbb



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Grove Street Families now has a discord for OOC organizing and general discussion regarding the faction



Feel free to join if you are interested in the faction, wanna learn more, get meetups prepped and whatnot, or just chill about and vibe!

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Rollin' about



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Laying low after a hit job



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Meeting the OGs of Grove

Amelia meets one of the OGs and Shotcallers, Darryl Deshawn, from the Grove Street Families gang. The duo meet where Amelia explains her story and as to why she has suddenly moved into his turf. To Amelias surprise, Darryl actually remembers Amelias late aunt along with her verified Grove Street Families cousin, Kentay Thompson .









Amelia and Darryl would head to the cemetery after Darryl suggests that they go and pay respects to the fallen of grove street. Amelia takes a few moments of reflection to member her fallen Aunt and Darryl explains more in-depth on how she knew her. 



On the way back to Grove Street, they meet another OG of Grove Street Families, Bryan Smith, and as a trio they make plans to reignite the flame and get the gang back in business. 





Amelia was still a stranger to this gang, however her identity to them as an ally had been verified through her Aunt and her late cousin and formal OG of the gang in the 1990s, Kentay Thompson.

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Grove Business







Interested individuals that wish to join Grove Street Families can reach out to @Valkyrfor tips on creating a character for faction or simply approach us in-character to start the process of becoming a member of the faction and reviving gang RP. 



We also have a faction discord for any further question and is the preferred method to get your concerns or questions answered quicker.





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