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[Lule Architecture & Realty Firm Co] Now accepting interior design workorders.

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Lule Architecture & Realty Firm Co

Lule Architecture & Realty Co is now accepting work-order for small projects. Allow one of our interior designers to help make your idea come to life. We offer reasonable pricing and frequent design updates. 



Interior Design Blueprints 



As every project is different there is no set pricing on designs. An estimated range would be from $15,000 to $45,000 but it is completely up to the designer that is assigned your project and that is whom you will negotiate the price with. 



Interior Designers Team-members  that are accepting Work:




Diellza Jashari





Your name here!

Pick your own hours and price. We provide the leads. 

[email protected]((Forum Pm: ZandO))





Design areas of interest: High-rise apartments, Houses, Small Businesses, Charity projects. 

Status: Accepting small design projects.  Accepting larger projects starting May 2021. 


Highlighted project from this designer:







Work-order application
Project Type:
Design style: I.e. contemporary, modern, urban, rustic. 
Does property have a basement:
[Optional] Requested Interior designer:


Please submit the form to [email protected]((Forum PM: ZandO)). You will receive acknowledgement and further instructions within 48 hours



Note: All our interior designers pick their own areas of interest and availability. Once your form is submitted, you will be notified by our design team, and either you will be scheduled an interview to discuss further on the project or be placed on a waitlist if all our designers have on-going projects. Most of our designers prefer to work on one project at a time to ensure quality assurance. Time-frame for completion varies from designer to designer.


((OOC: You must have the GC to upload the maps when completed. Currently that costs 500 GCs for a map upload and it goes to the server.  Please use the design exclusively on Owlgaming as the designs are being completed in-character.)) 


* Small banner ads would appear below * 


Hiring opportunities:



Lule Realty, an upcoming branch of the company, is looking for investors to help us establish an rental market in Los Santos, Cayo Perico, and the county! If you have excess money then you can always consider investing your money into our realty division that will go into the purchase and renovation of rental houses and holiday homes.  Earn dividends everytime the properties in our divisions are rented or sold and a possible seat at meetings to help shape the future of this division. 


Contact: [email protected]((Forum PM: ZandO))




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