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[Lule Architecture & Realty Firm Co] Now accepting interior design workorders.

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Lule Architecture & Realty Firm Co

Lule Architecture & Realty Co is now accepting work-order for small projects. Allow one of our interior designers to help make your idea come to life. We offer reasonable pricing and frequent design updates. 



Interior Design Blueprints 


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What program for 3D design are you using? Because the graphics look like from an old game. It seems to a be an old one, because all the programs which I use at the university of interior design are of a very good quality, and my projects look so realistic that sometimes you could say that you are looking at the picture of a room. When I showed one to my friend, he was like: ''where did you take this picture? It looks very cool''. How surprised he was when I told him that it was actually a 3D design.


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10 hours ago, Nicolangu said:

What program for 3D design are you using? Because the graphics look like from an old game.


((I can't speak for @UnoDosTres directly, but, I myself am a mapper here as well, and I use Menyoo to make my maps. I don't use a 3D design program. As far as I know, most of the mappers don't, afaik.

EDIT: I feel like a nub... I didn't even notice this was in the IC adverts section, I thought it was in Factions. My Bad.


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Made a noob mistake. Corrected it.
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Lule Architecture & Realty Firm Co


Due to a sizeable amount of work-orders at the moment. Lule Architecture & Realty Firm will be closing design requests that wish to be added to our wait-list until our designers finish the current projects that we are working on. Therefore, we will add the last projects to our wait-list on May 3rd 2021. and they will not reopen until our current designers finish all the projects or new  and existing designers indicate they are ready to pick up more work. 


Please submit any design requests by May 3rd 2021. If you have already communicated with an design representative from Lule then you do not have to do anything as your design request will still be considered and you will be reached out by one of our representatives shortly.


To submit a request send an email to Designers@LuleArchitecture.com((Forum PM: UnoDosTres))



Diellza Jashari; CEO.

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