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Oh the Nostalgia... :)

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Hi everyone!


I'm element04


I got into GTARP way back in 2010-2012 days, back around the times of Valhalla Gaming. I'm not sure if there are members on here that played during that time, would love to reconnect with old friends!


I haven't played any GTRARP in YEARS, and over the past few days, I've been thinking about starting again. I signed up with this community back in 2015, but never really posted or did anything with my account. So I'm creating this first post, to formally introduce myself! :)



I haven't quiet figured out yet how to get on the server, (I'm used to GTASA) but I'm sure it won't be hard to figure out. 



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O shit another valhalla gaming member (LV times w'dup? Los Malvados ajajajajajajai... And our great exodus to RG kek) I vaguely remember you tho'. Welcome back.

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