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vehicles ownership and so..

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As I've bought a vehicle recently. I've seen that modifications are too limited and that cars around the maps are or the same color eg; black or what-not. It would be great to see vehicle modification like in GTA 5 Story. Also vehicles with high mileage have to get serviced by the mechanic to replace the transmission and engine fluid once in a while if kept long enough. I understand that the server will slow down and bug bcz of the extra scripting and objects added.


Or else add more vehicles GTA based 4 or 5  > modifying each and every vehicle separately. And also bring vehicle cost down a bit, since some vehicle prices looks way too absurd to buy for those specs at that price point. Increase the amount of owned vehicles per person/character plus a place to store most of them. 


AI that shows vehicles parked in a bad way and towing them back for cheap eg; 20$. Like a tow-truck job in GTA 5. The Paleto Bay Dealership lacks selling vehicle option to redeem money/token. Make Paleto Bay better to live with more resources and better jobs/better pay.

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I do know the vehicle mod shop is getting an overhaul soon. I've seen many different colors and modifcations on cars around the map though. Most are black, but, black looks better to some. I've seen red, green, orange, yellow, blue... You name it. I actually have an orange, fully modded rally car on one of my alts, even has a mod shop livery on it. I do think we need some sort of engine service after some specific mileage, however, I also think they may be discussing adding that as a feature. I could be wrong. 


Prices in the dealership are based on the real world counterpart, so, take the Vysser Neo (a car I know all too well) which is based on the Spyker C8 aileron. The Neo is $210,000, the C8 is $209,990... 


As far as I know, people can own an unlimited amount of vehicles, most just choose not to, as, buying garage space to store them, and keeping the taxes paid on the garages and vehicles is expensive. 


There is a tow truck faction already, found here that people can work for to tow cars to an impound lot, and owners have to pay to get them out. 


Paleto Bay does need some love, I agree there. No locksmith there, either. Most people RP in Los Santos though. That said, there are people who RP in Paleto, who own businesses you can look into. Full Send Auto Works is just one that comes to mind.

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