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The Nocturnals (夜行性)

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The Nocturnals (夜行性)


The Nocturnals is a crew that was started in Tokyo, where many people met up and did a various of activities, mostly focusing on street racing. The Nocturnals would usually recruit the people who would show interest, no matter where they were from. The crew has been running under the grid, attempting to not gain attention from others outside of the group, as they were a little more in depth than just racers. This group of people, would occasionally go out and steal tires, and car parts whenever the time was right, using the stolen parts in order to tune their own cars, or to sell them at a much cheaper price at garages. Recently, a member name Han Tanaka moved into LS in hopes of starting fresh and finding a new crew and activities.



Feel free to join the Discord at: https://discord.gg/AWUDbAhUUp or contact me as well at: Turbo14MX#2397

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