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[Properties] - Property Furnishing

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Script Suggestion


What would be the name of the script(s)?-

Property Furnishing

What kind of script(s) are you suggesting?-

What is the suggestion?-
A rework on the furnishing system where the player maybe has the option to choose the interior for an extra 1k or something but it must match the property dimensions ect OR give the player a blank canvas(just walls and roof) and let them furnish it how they want. I also think the current way of removing props from the property may need a rework due to not always working 100% of time and is a little janky.

What are the advantages?-
This allows players to have the freedom of choice whether they want a property with all the furnishing there for them or let them spend the time to map it how they would like it. If furnished themselves it would give the player a chance to put their own stamp on the property.


What are the disadvantages?-

If given the option to pay a little more to pick an interior, there is a chance a player will choose the best looking one like a mansion when the property might only be a flat or something that doesn't really fit and might not fit their back story.

Do you have any resources to support our scripters in making said suggestion?-
I'm not saying to copy Gta.worlds system but maybe do something a long those lines with an Owl spin on it.

How would you go about implementing this idea?-
I'm not a scripter so i wouldn't know tbh.

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22 minutes ago, Vubstersmurf said:

+1, if furniture system worked just like our generics system where players can adjust coordinates manually instead of dragging the system would be far better.

Vubs hit the nail on the head. +1

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Definitely needed addition to the server. Giving a personal touch to your own interior is simply a nice objective to be working towards to not to mention potential for business owners to stand out.

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+1 It would be nice if we can make blank interiors entirely in-game and also if it would be possible to bring a friend to map with you. Menyoo is a decent tool to use offline and solo, but an ingame system would be awesome if you are working on a large project and can recruit some friends during the design process.

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+1 on this, as the furniture system needs a re-work overall OR needs to be made to work like the generics. As for in-server map editing, I'm torn on that one. Yea, it'd be a good idea in theory, being able to make maps in collaboration with others, however, I believe that instead of adding such a feature to the current server, there should be a separate dedicated mapping server for people. As for if that would need to be limited or what have you, I think anyone who wants to try their hand at mapping should have access, but, like, in order to be able to use it, as it would add extra costs to the server, it should be limited to donators.

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