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SABRE LTD • New Year Party • 12/30/2020 @ 7:30PM

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Sabre Events presents this years New Years Eve Party! 
The Party will be hosted at Stargaze the 30th December 2020 at 7:30PM

There will be a Raffle and a Costume Contest so please show up in your best costume. 
In order to enter the Costume Contest you need to email #CostumeContest to SabreLTDEvents@sa.net ((Forum PM QueenC))
 Include your name in the email as well. 
In order to enter the raffle you need to pay 5 dollars per ticket, each guest can buy max 3 ticket per guest, remember to include your name in the email as well as the ticket numbers you wish to get.

numbers goes between 1 - 30 if a number is already taken we will notify you. 

*You may not buy tickets for others 
This is to prevent any cheating, if Sabre Events discover any cheating they can deem the ticket invalid 

Everyone can attend the raffle, however if you land on a number that has the donation you donated it will automatically be a bust, you will not be able to win your own donation. 
In order to attend the costume contest, submit an email to the following email: SabreLTDEvents@sa.net ((Forum PM QueenC))

In the email you need to show a valid bank receipt of the payment plus state how many tickets you paid for, after the payment has been proven valid we will email you back with your ticket numbers. You send the payment to Sabre LTD ( SL )
Remember to include your name in the email, any invalid names will be denied.

 (( Basically you take a screenshot of the payslip out in the side of your screen once you paid the money to the faction which you can do by either going to the bank or pulling up the bank app on your phone, and once we checked it we will use a number generator to get you a number so it's all fair for everyone who participates. ))

Gift cards and other Prizes 

Red Panda Activity Center has given us a membership card that will last for the entire 2021
FoxySilver Photography has given us five gift cards so that five lucky winners can get their picture taken.
Shokan has given us a gift card on $100
Rockpool has given us a gift card on $100
Stargaze has given us a gift card on $200
With one of these gift cards you will be able to enjoy a great evening out with a loved one without having to worry about the bill. 


WildRide Magazine has donated our surprise gift

In order to find out what WildRide Magazine donated make sure to attend the Raffle

OOC Information: 

The event will be held at 7:30 PM as the advert states that is the IC time for the event.


UTC/GMT(Server Time): 7:30 PM (19:30)
UTC/GMT+1: 8:30 PM (20:30)
UTC/GMT+2: 9:30 PM (21:30)
EST: 2:30 PM (14:30)

If anyone is unaware what time the event would be at for them please feel free to Discord QueenC#0200, and I will figure out the time for you.



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