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[A post on a popular blog] Cayo Perico and San Andreas.

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The state of San Andreas recently reacquired the island of Cayo Perico from Spain! Let's take a trip through history, shall we? 




The state of San Andreas was founded in 1829, when the United States bought it off of Spain. Cayo Perico was included in the original purchase, however, after the Spanish-American war in 1898, the United States ceded control of Cayo Perico back to Spain as part of the Treaty of Paris. So for well over a hundred years, there has been an island to the southeast that was under Spanish control. American citizens could only legally visit if they had a passport, or were otherwise legally allowed to travel to Spain. 




That changed in January of 2020, when the United States made an offer to Spain to buy Cayo Perico back. The governor of San Andreas had been pushing for this for a while now, in Washington, and talks were set to make it a part of the state, once the deal was done. So why wait this long to talk about it? Well, that’s because after the buy, lots of things had to happen. The 20 or so people who lived there had to be given a chance to either become citizens or leave the island. That itself was a six month process. 




Then services had to be sat up. The CAA, FD, and PD had to locate some of their fleets there. A travel ban to the island was issued, and only those who were in charge of getting the vehicles there were allowed to go, and they were limited to the airstrip and no more than an hour on the island and required military escort. Once the six months were up, military personnel had to do multiple sweeps to make sure that no one had stayed behind, no one had left anything illegal or dangerous, and to get rid of some of the illegal crops that were being grown on the island.




 Right as they were finishing up, there was a health scare. Ten of the 15 soldiers who had been, and six of the nine people who were in charge of moving the fleets across got sick, causing the United States government to issue an immediate response from the CDC to figure out what was going on. The results came back, and turns out, the 21 people who got sick all attended a party together prior to traveling, and had eaten some bad shrimp.




 Once they had had at least three months to get better, they were able to start working again. Now, Cayo Perico is safe, serviced, and legal, and the travel ban was officially lifted on December the 15th. 




Currently, persons who want to visit the Island can rent or buy a boat, and take it out to the southeast, however, the CAA does offer flights of varying types to and from the island. Contact them for info on how to book a flight.




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