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SABRE LTD • CHRISTMAS MARKET • 12/19/2020 @ 7:30PM

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Sabre LTD is hosting a Christmas Market! 

The Christmas Market will take place in the Simmet Ally, right across from Dashound Bus Center
The Dashhound Bus Center will for the evening be used for parking in the back. The Dashhound Bus Center's regular parking spot will be used by CAA for a surprise! 

The event will behind the 19th December at 7:30, we at Sabre LTD are looking forward to see you all there! 

If you wish to have a booth at the Christmas Market please reach out to Sabre as soon as possible, last day will be Friday the 18th. 
If you do not wish your own booth but still wanna help at the event you can still contact us to hear what you can help with! 

You can contact us at SabreLTDEvents@sa.net  ((Forum PM QueenC))


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Event has been postponed until the 20th December 2020, 8PM

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