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Jashari Holdings and Architecture Firm - Job Openings

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Jashari Holdings and Architecture Firm is now recruiting for the positions shown below:


Junior Architect: 


Do you like to design? Lule Construction Firm LLC is hiring interior designers. This is a flexible job where you get to pick and choose what leads to work on.



- Consultation with clients.

- Designing interiors to customer specification.



- Advancement opportunities within our growing startup. 

- Cozy downtown office. 


((Menyoo or Codewalker experience is needed for this one as the designs will actually be used ingame.))


Architecture Assistant:

Part-time paid position. You will work alongside our architecture team at the design office in Pillbox Hill. The selected individual will see the entire process of architecture from meeting with clients, idea planning, creation, and implementation. You might also have the chance to work on your own designs to build up your portfolio and eventually be assigned work as we expand. 

(( designed as a RP Job, you dont need Menyoo or Codewalker if you wish to RP this one. It is designed to be entry level.)) 


- Attend client meetings with architects.

- Assist with taking measurements for project requirements on-site.

- Marketing our services through an advertisement service.

- Answering office telephone and jotting down information. 


- Advancement opportunities within our architecture or holdings division.

- Cozy downtown office.


- Recent graduate from an accredited university.


To be discussed



On-Call Construction Workers:


- Flexible work hours. Payment is per-gig and always paid  50% at the beginning of work and 50% at the end of work. A hourly stipend of $500 dollars will be given to individuals that are on standby for construction projects. 



- Assists with renovation phases of architecture projects. We need individuals that are skilled in all areas such as painting, carpeting, flooring, and roofing. 




Send letters of interested to [email protected]((Forum PM: ZandO))

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