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[Application - County Air Administration] Davit Simonian

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Flight School Application


Section I - Identification


Full name: Davit Simonian

Date of birth: 12/01/1990

Cellphone number: 15824869

Address: 3 Caesars Place


Section II - Qualification


Please provide your medical certificate:

Please provide a copy of your criminal record:

(If applicable) Provide a copy of your current licenses, types and ratings:


Section III - Demand


What licenses are you applying for (PPL-A, PPL-H, CPL) : PPL-H 

Are you applying for additional ratings as well (IFR, CFI, ...): IFR

Aside the Basic types (helicopter) and SER types (plane), are you applying for additional types?: None


Section IV - Terms & Conditions.


By signing below you agree to the following terms:


  • You confirm that all information you wrote in above is completely true.
  • You understand that we do not issue refunds and will require entire payment of your request before continuing.
  • You understand that for every types other than Basic and SER , you will have to provide an aircraft.



Signature: Davit Simonian

Date: 24/11/2020

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Dear Mr. Simonian (( @Incredible ))


We would like to inform you that we have received your flight school application and processed it already, due to this:


  • Please pay the sum of your invoice below to County Air Administration.
  • Inform us when the amount is paid.
  • Once this is done, please wait for an instructor to send you an e-mail (( forum PM )).


* Please send proof of payment. *

PPL-H $10,000
IFR - $5000
Total: $15,000






Tony Carlton
Deputy Director,




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Dear Mr. Simonian (( @Incredible )),


If you are receiving this e-mail, it means you have been accepted and paid for your Flight School program at Los Santos International Airport! Congratulations and welcome aboard!


For the theory part of training, make sure you read the chapters that belong to your license(s) in the handbook HERE.

After lecturing the manual, respond to this email and inform us about your availability in order to schedule the first hands on training session. The following sessions will be discussed and agreed upon with the assigned instructor.


On behalf of the C.A.A. Management and all employees, thank you for choosing us!




Tony Carlton 
Deputy Director,


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On 11/25/2020 A request was made to include the PPL-H Adv typerating to the student's file.

Proof of payment -



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