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Patient Rights under HIPAA

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Patient Rights under HIPAA



What is HIPAA?
The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996
guarantees privacy of Personal Health Information (PHI) of any patient at any stage of the Pre-Hospital and Hospital Care Network in the United States. It means any medical professional can not disclose your personal information without just cause.


General Provisions

  • Any information that can personally identify you is known as "Personal Health Information"
  • Any medical professional, be it hospital or pre-hospital, may not disclose any personally identifiable information to you without just cause (see below)
  • You retain professional-patient confidentiality except in certain circumstances (see below)


What is protected?

  • Any information in your Medical Record with our facility
  • Conversations your health care providers have about your health
  • Conversations you have with your health care providers
  • Billing information about you


When does HIPAA not apply?

There are certain situations things medical providers are obliged to disclose:

  • If the patient was involved in a shooting or stabbing as the victim, the facility is obliged to report it to police.
  • If the medical professional, in good faith, suspects there may be child abuse involved in a case, the facility is obliged to report it to Child Protective Services and police.
  • Notifying police of a death.
  • With a court order, with the understanding the Court has procedures in place to protect patient information.
  • To verified United States Intelligence officials pertaining to matters of national security.
  • If the healthcare facility deems it necessary due a active security risk.


These are general rules, not exact legislation; specific examples may vary. Healthcare providers are obliged to provide as little information as possible while satisfying the request.


Open-door drug policy

HIPAA protects all patients with drug abuse problems. You may come in any time and turn over illicit drugs and or seek professional help at any time. We will turn illegal drugs over to police, but we will NOT disclose who gave them to us.

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