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Lule Architecture & Realty Firm

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Mission Statement:

Lule means flowers in the Albanian language. 


Lule Architecture and Realty Firm provides quality commercial and residential properties that are well designed for lease and sale. We have an in-house design team that is very passionate about crafting venues that our customers will come to enjoy for years. Operating as a startup, Lule Architecture and Realty seeks to become the leader in this industry within Los Santos in a few years. 


Architecture Division:

It doesn't matter if the venue is a small shack on a beach or a large multi-story nightclub. The Architecture division treats every customer the same and thrives to create designs that the client will come to love. We don't stop working till you are satisfied with the project!


Please send in the design application to [email protected]((Forum PM: ZandO)). A interior designer within the company will review the application, and if they are interested in designing the project, we will reach out to you for the next steps. 



Design Application




Project Type: Residential | Commercial | Non-profit


Floors [include basement if desired]:


Description of what you want:


Our quote will be based on the size and difficulty of the project. Each project is different and therefore every quote is different. 

Price range: 

      Residential property designs range from  $15,000 to $100,000

      Commercial property designs range from $30,000 to $300,000.  

      Non-profits designs range from $2,000 to $50,000[example: Homeless shelters, food banks, non-profit charity headquarters]


Time frame:

Large properties: 1 to 2 months.

Small properties: 2-4 weeks. 



Real-estate Division:


Our real-estate division provides quality residential and commercial leases for the general public. Our goal is to become a leader within the leasing division with an heavy emphasizes on providing quality rental properties from Los Santos city limits to as far as Cayo Perico. Our commercial properties are also sometimes available for lease. These provide entrepreneurs an almost risk-free approach to becoming their own boss.


Properties for sale: 



Properties for lease:

Contact us at [email protected]((Forum Pm: ZandO)) for any property that you are interested in leasing for long-term or an event.


Vacation Rentals

2. Procopio Promenade, Paleto. - Coming soon and pending renovations.


Nestled just below the Paleto Bay city is a gorgeous beach that extends on for miles. This little beach cabin is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city. All the amenities that one would need are right in this cabin! Electricity, wi-fi, beds, living room, and the beach and ocean right in-front of your eyes! This cabin is within one of the most quiet areas of Paleto Bay but close enough for any shopping that needs to be done.  Perfect little cabin for a wedding, birthday, or getaway! 


This property is designed to be a vacation rental but can also be rented out long-term with a minimum of a two-month commitment.









  • $160 per night for short-term stay. 
  • $4000 per month for long-term stay[First and last month rent due if you wish to stay here long-term. I.E. $8000 upfront due.  No refunds provided.]



Commercial Properties:

Lule Tobacco Lounge - Available 



Event rental: $5,000 for entire day lease for you and your party. Cashier and croupier will be on duty and fridge will be stocked with beverages of your choice. Venue will be closed to the public for your event.


Full lease:  Become your own boss and lease out the entire business while keeping all of the profits. Flexible monthly payments will be discussed in person. Applicants will need to submit an application and undergo background checks along with credit score checks. Lease fee will be discussed on a case by case basis with special consideration and discounts given to ex-military personnel and first time business entrepreneurs. 








Our team:

Diellza Jashari - CEO & Senior Interior Designer                                      Your name here! We are hiring!


Diellza Jashari was born in Tirana, Albania to a upper class and large traditional Albanian family. Her mother was a school-teacher and her father was a businessmen working in logistics in a fortune 500 international Business. Diellza was always interested in engineering and it was to no surprise that she got accepted to her dream university in her dream city and country, namely Liberty City University where she studied civil engineering. After graduating in only three years, she decided to pursue an graduate studies program in interior design. She thought about staying at LCU, but when she got accepted to Los Santos University she could not resist the temptations to finish her schooling in the tropical paradise-like city in the Caribbean namely known as Los Santos where she had been a few times as a kid for family vacations.  Finally after all of schooling done, she had to make a major decision, and this decision was to stay in Los Santos or head back to Tirana after almost six years abroad. Diellza decided to stay in Los Santos and start an interior design Business and with a small loan from her father she was able to make it happen and 'Lule Construction Firm LLC' was born. 




Lule Architecture & Realty thrives to be a small design startup faction within Los Santos. Recruitment for this faction will be exclusively through in-character methods such as hiring events and advertisements. Our idea behind this business faction is to start as a small firm and grow as our reputation grows. Members that join the faction, and are not the rank of 'leasee' may post screenshots related to the business below to showcase our roleplay.   



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Our portfolio: 












Club Bathroom - Released for Free









Small Studio Apartment 









Jashari Headquarters, Pillbox Hill Office, Los Santos City.



Note from designer:

Our official office in downtown was originally an much older interior. We revamped it into a cozy workspace to meet with clients and work on projects. We will be here till we outgrow it! This is a one-story office with a main desk and two assistant desks. Brand new hardwood floor, red paint for the walls, and some beautiful art-work on the walls. This is a great little office right across the street from the Mission Row Police Station. 












Accepting Work Status:


Case-By-Case basis. You may contact us at [email protected]((Forum PM: ZandO))







We offer mapping in-game for IC only payment. At the moment, it is just me, and I use standalone tools to make the maps while we will use the in-game furniture system to move furniture around as you please. Areas such as surveying, demolition, and pre-construction will be done in-game and a invoice would be charged similar to how a real design and architecture firm would operate with costs for plumbing, electrical work, and more. This allows for other factions that do work in construction, plumbing, etc, to collaborate with our faction as sub-contractors. Designs can also be given as 'blueprints' if you roleplay as a home builder or are a fixer-upper. The file will be given to you for preview through menyoo before you upload it on the server. Understand, issues may happen once a map is implemented on the server, so, we will fix any issues found if they arise. 


You will need the appropriate amount of gold-coin for yourself to upload the maps that we make for you and we request that you only use these maps on Owlgaming since this is being done in-character and not out-of-character.  Due to mapping being a very time-consuming process, but such hobby that I enjoy very much,  I reserve the right to accept or deny a design request depending on my skill level[I am not perfect at it!] and how much time I feel it would take me to complete. My main area of focus is on small businesses, apartments, and one-story houses. ))



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*Portfolio updated on thread*

*Pawnshop floor-plan nearing completion.*




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Jashari Architecture - Generic Pawnshop Blueprint and floor plan. 1 Story.  - Free




This floor plan is free for the general public when purchasing our design package.


((The in-game RP would be taking measurements and RP the renovation of the existing interior which would be done in a few days and not in one hour, then, you could upload this design to your business once that RP is done. We do research on actual costs that you would incur IRL. Of course, you may RP the floor plan how you wish. I will also add this floor plan free to Owl after some time. It was more of a portfolio piece for me. ))


Video Tour: TBA





More to be added: 




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