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Jashari Holdings and Architecture Firm

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wgtBIa8.pngD.B.A[Doing.Business.As] Jashari Holdings, Jashari Architecture, Jashari Real-estate, and  Jashari LLC


Company CEO: Diellza Jashari

Architecture President: Diellza Jashari

Holdings President: Vacant


Jashari Holdings:

Holdings President: Vacant


Jashari Holdings is comprised of our flagship 'Lule Tobacco Lounge' commercial property while expansion of the holdings branch is temporarily suspended until more core members are hired. 


Lule Tobacco Lounge and store. 

This property is currently managed by Jashari Holdings and not for lease.



Situated in Downtown Vinewood is a small, humble, and beautiful lounge for anyone that wishes to smoke with friends. A shop during the day, and at night, the lights turn on, the music begins to start, and it becomes more than just a shop and transforms into a beautiful lounge with ambient neon lights to smoke, drink rakia, and make new friends and old friends.  Open 24/7 for your convenience. 










Jashari Holdings and Architecture Firm is a legal business faction led by characters that portray being from Albania. Our goal is to grow overtime but slowly while portraying an international corporation that is operating in the United States. We welcome any legal role-player that wishes to engage in roleplay that is both realistic, as a business, but also fun. We are currently not accepting OOC recruitment for this faction but you may join through in-character methods such as our Albanian-American | Albanian Immigrant Association or in-game and in-character forum advertisements. As any faction, members are expected to follow all server rules, and we also ask that individuals wishing to join this faction stay in the legal avenue and not bring underground roleplay to our legal faction. Members with limited time due to work or school are also very welcome to join this faction as there is no time requirement.


Roleplay screenshots are encouraged and allowed if you are in the faction[F3] in-game regardless of faction role. Please send them to zoezoegigantic for review and approval before posting them. After you post a few screenshots that are deemed high quality you will get perms to post them without sending them to myself. ))




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Jashari Architecture and Realty


Jashari Architecture and Realty is the largest branch among the company. We create beautiful interior designs for the residents of the island. If you have a vision, we can likely create it! Our interior designs are both affordable and quick. Jashari Architecture and Realty is also working on several rental properties for short or long-term stays.




Our portfolio: 












Club Bathroom - Released for Free









Small Studio Apartment 









Jashari Headquarters, Pillbox Hill Office, Los Santos City.



Note from designer:

Our official office in downtown was originally an much older interior. We revamped it into a cozy workspace to meet with clients and work on projects. We will be here till we outgrow it! This is a one-story office with a main desk and two assistant desks. Brand new hardwood floor, red paint for the walls, and some beautiful art-work on the walls. This is a great little office right across the street from the Mission Row Police Station. 







Floor Plans: 

Generic Pawnshop[Coming Soon]


Accepting Work Status:


((Delayed a little due to exams.))










We offer mapping in-game for IC only payment. At the moment, it is just me, and I use standalone tools to make the maps while we will use the in-game furniture system to move furniture around as you please. Areas such as surveying, demolition, and pre-construction will be done in-game and a invoice would be charged similar to how a real design and architecture firm would operate with costs for plumbing, electrical work, and more. This allows for other factions that do work in construction, plumbing, etc, to collaborate with our faction as sub-contractors. Designs can also be given as 'blueprints' if you roleplay as a home builder or are a fixer-upper. The file will be given to you for preview through menyoo before you upload it on the server. Understand, issues may happen once a map is implemented on the server, so, we will fix any issues found if they arise. 


You will need the appropriate amount of gold-coin for yourself to upload the maps that we make for you and we request that you only use these maps on Owlgaming since this is being done in-character and not out-of-character.  Due to mapping being a very time-consuming process, but such hobby that I enjoy very much,  I reserve the right to accept or deny a design request depending on my skill level[I am not perfect at it!] and how much time I feel it would take me to complete. My main area of focus is on small businesses, apartments, and one-story houses. ))



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Jashari Architecture - Generic Pawnshop Blueprint and floor plan. 1 Story.  - Free




This floor plan is free for the general public when purchasing our design package.


((The in-game RP would be taking measurements and RP the renovation of the existing interior which would be done in a few days and not in one hour, then, you could upload this design to your business once that RP is done. We do research on actual costs that you would incur IRL. Of course, you may RP the floor plan how you wish. I will also add this floor plan free to Owl after some time. It was more of a portfolio piece for me. ))


Video Tour: TBA





More to be added: 




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