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Twisted Knights MC

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The Brotherhood

Twisted Knights Motorcycle club are a brotherhood who love the open road, the roar of the bikes but they're not exclusively devoted to that. It goes deeper than that, Its a brotherhood who live and die for the patch as well as watch each others backs when needed. Influenced by rock and heavy metal and an IDGAF attitude, the two men set out to make the dream become a reality and to keep the core values of BROTHERHOOD and FREEDOM.


The Story So Far

In the early days Stephen and Dante were brothers under a club named Sinful Kings until the patch over that is. After living it large in Vice City for a while, the patch over happened as the offer was tempting due to the numbers which potentially meant a bigger brotherhood. However, this lasted all of a few months before the head of the new MC they decided to join made a mistake by taking out the wrong guy with the help of Stephen and another brother. This lead to the Cubans being unhappy with the crew to the point that the only option was death for them and the crew, one by one the brothers were taken out to the point there was no option but to leave and hopefully start a new life with a new dream. This is where Stephen hit the state of Los Santos in hopes of creating a new brotherhood over time as his dream was still to build an army of brothers who will live and die for the patch, the same way Sinful would, this was all but a dream.


August 2020

As Stephen was working making a delivery, he received a call from an unknown number, this turned out to be Dante who Stephen thought was dead like all his other brothers after the massacre at the hands of the Cubans. After a chat over the phone Dante caught a plane from where ever he was hiding, making his way to Los Santos where he and Stephen had a long discussion to which the decision ended up being forming the Twisted Knights Paleto Bay chapter, hoping to make that dream of having a brother hood who again would live and die for the patch could come true as well as remembering fallen brothers and doing them proud.


OOC Bits

Twisted Knights is the brainchild of two people who love to role-play together and have done for quite some time. We want this faction to be a fun place for people to RP whilst progressing character stories along the way. We also want to bring the best RP we can possibly bring to the table whilst making sure the faction and role-play is held to the highest standards possible. If you do become interested in becoming involved with us, feel free to DM me or look for us in-game as that is how we prefer to do everything.


On a side note, please keep in mind that faction leadership do have the rights to CK characters within the organisation however, we only use this if absolutely necessary so it will be a rare occurrence.


Extra side note: please ignore the back patches if shown in future screenshots, they're used elsewhere and are NOT intended for use on Owl.


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