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Faction Team - Interior Request

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Faction Team - Interior Request


Now that we have the ability to upload custom interiors in-game, we will now be allowing free interior uploads for factions in order to help promote roleplay.
If you wish to have an interior uploaded for your faction please contact the Faction team using the form found here.
Please note that interiors accepted by this procedure MUST be for faction use only (Such as a business or common hangout area), interiors found being used for personal usage - such as a personal home- will be removed.


The higher your faction status the more interiors you will be allowed to upload for faction use:


Confirmed Factions (All factions with an f3 are automatically confirmed) - 2 Interiors

Established Factions - 5 Interiors

Official Factions - Unlimited

(( Additional interior uploads will be up to the discretion of the Faction Team. ))


In order to get your faction promoted in statuses please ensure you keep the faction team regularly updated via Faction Team updates which can be found here. Each month we review factions and continue to update policies to ensure players get the most support possible. If you have any questions or require advice please contact either myself or other members of the faction team via discord!




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